Friday, June 25, 2010

Call 9-1-1 cause I'm on Fiyah!

TurboFire... This program has the power to change fitness forever.

After we completed development of Chalean Extreme, I met with Chalene and Brett Johnson at their house to talk about Shakeology and other stuff we were working on like Insanity, RevAbs, etc. While we were talking, the topic of gyms and group exercise came up, and I learned a lot about what is frustrating to people about the gym: Inconsistent instructors, bad music/broken ipods, crammed classes, long lines, etc.

Over the course of the next week and a half, an idea wouldn't quit surfacing: Create the best group exercise class EVER, that any person can do right in their living room at their convenience.

I spoke to the Heather Church and the development team at Beachbody about it. Heather suggested the power of HIIT, "High Intensity Interval Training" to set this program apart from everything else, and TurboFire was born.

Unlike any other video Beachbody ever produced, we turned the group around so they weren't behind Chalene, they are in front of her like in a class. This gives the person at home the benefit of not only seeing Chalene and her modifiers on stage, but you also get to "shadow" a person in front or beside you. For beginners (like me) that's a real advantage over any other workout videos when you are doing something this intense.

Like all Beachbody programs, we don't want any customer complaints that we left something out. So we asked Chalene to develop a nutrition plan that is simple enough for the busy mom, but also rooted in what she uses when in "training-mode" or when she is advising her students on how to drop weight fast in a way that is long-term healthy.

The result is a real breakthrough which so far is the fastest product to reach a million dollars in sales in the history of the company! It's only been out for 7 days, and already men and women are posting YouTube videos showing how great this program is. It won't be long before we start getting before and after photos from people who complete the program who want their "reward" t-Shirt, free to anyone who conquers "the fiyah" and sends us photos. Here's more: 1 2 3

Ok... my turn!


Melvin said...

AWESOME! I can't wait to get my hands on this! Great job buddy!

Neeeena said...

yer so dang cute.

Turbo Min said...

AWESOME video Carl you are awesome!!! Love that HIIT workout... man its tough!!! thanks for posting my video too appreciate that

Stacey Chatman said...

..YOU NAILED the HIIT..We all are on FIRE!!