Thursday, November 11, 2010

"What Are You Doing The 1st Of The Year?"

If you're a Coach, that's what you should be asking everyone you know, "What Are You Doing The 1st Of The Year?" And if you're looking to get in shape in 2011, you should be looking for a Coach in your area who is teeing up a Fit Club and sign up!

This week, we told the staff at Beachbody HQ that they will get to participate in one of the most intensive 90-day test groups in the company's history: "The Quest For The 6 Pack", using
RevAbs starting January 1, 2011.

The response has been unprecedented! I expect to have nearly 100 people in this group! It's exciting because it's like our own internal Beachbody corporate Fit Club. and we'll feature those results in our upcoming show for Brett Hoebel's prized program.

Which got me thinking, "Hey, if the response has been this big this fast here, what if our coaches got started NOW building their Fit Club groups to get focused on starting Jan 1 and completing a program like
RevAbs, TurboFire, BodyGospel, P90X or Insanity! Imagine the response! Imagine how many of your success stories we could feature in our shows!"

Why not you?

I am extending the challenge to you: Start recruiting people now for a Fit Club, a once a week workout all together starting January 1st, and the rest of the week they workout at home. Everybody does the same program.
Everybody commits to getting great results.

As of January 1, measure weight, inches, and take those before photos.

Build a team of coaches within the group so everyone has plenty of support to get results. Incorporate
Shakeology so people get healthy while they lose the weight. Check in for a group workout once a week, and retake photos and measurements every 30 days.

Provide support and accountability for each other and enjoy group and individual success as you work your way to amazing results on your group's terms.

Send us photos, results, and video and your group could get featured in shows and advertisements! Send results to

Worst case, you and your closest 20 friends could finally start the year having actually met your original resolutions!


Tyler Robbins said...

Hey Carl

Huge beachbody fan from up here in Canada! I would love to be a part of the coaching program, but understand that Beachbody has hit some roadblocks with the Canadian government. Is there any new updates that you could fill me in on the status of coaching coming to Canada. Also, is there something that I can do to be proactive with my government officials to help the cause? Thanks,

-Tyler Robbins

Mirdza said...

What a great idea! How do I start up a Fit Club in my area using Body Gospel?

screwdestiny said...

Great idea! This was just the post I needed to get me to start looking for a Fit Club spot again. Oh, and I totally need to get Rev Abs! My abs would be SICK if I used that program.