Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 Reasons To Sign Coaches NOW!

If you looked around the offices at Beachbody HQ, the only way you would know it was the holidays was the presence of stacks of holiday cards from grateful vendors and good friends. Otherwise, you'd think this was finals week, and these people are bent on getting straight A's.

Makes sense too: We can feel what's about to happen in 2011. Everyone at every corner of this building is shaking off any remaining caution, and teeing up their most aggressive and exciting growth plans.

Same goes for our Coach-leaders. Something is bringing out the drive in our leaders and it is inspiring to watch.

If you're wondering how some Coaches continue to build, while others are distracted by the holidays, here are three reasons to stoke the fire and get the word out to sign coaches, right, now:

#3 - Free Coach sign-up is almost over!
Anyone even considering getting involved might as well get their place in the organization now while sign-ups fees are free. They can put that $40 savings toward fitness product or Shakeology and make 2011 about getting physically and financially fit - for real!

#2 - Maximize Potential for 2011

The wave of demand is just off the horizon, but it's real. In fact, we've seen an uptick in demand earlier this year than in prior years. People are already digging on P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Body Gospel, and Chalean Extreme especially. Come January, they're going to buy something. They'll either buy it from us, or they'll buy it from a coach. If you them to buy it from you, you need to tell people you offer these products NOW before they start to hunt for their weight loss solution - and they will - once the New Year comes around. You need to get the word out now!

#1 - Save 5 Kids' Lives

For every active coach as of 12/31, we're giving $5 to which will provide safe drinking water FOR A FULL YEAR to at least five kids, who otherwise will be drinking water that is literally deadly. Dirty water is the second-leading cause of death among children globally, after respiratory infections. It kills 1.8 million children younger than 5 each year, more than do HIV/AIDS, malaria, war or traffic accidents, says a recent U.N. report. Sign a Coach by 12/31, and you help solve that very solvable problem! Seems worth it.

In fact - feel free to copy this photo we had shot by Jack Rose at Raincatcher while he was in Haiti.

Send it to every Coach in your downline to remind them that what they are doing isn't just getting our country healthy and fit, it's saving kids' lives. Maybe even print out a copy and frame it for any new Coach you sign between now and 12/31. No present will feel better to give than that one!

Something this important doesn't get a vacation. We have work to do and those are three good reasons to stay focused right now! Let's keep after it!


Vernise said...

Love it! I feel more motivated.

Frankie, Autumn said...

Carl, man...let's do this thing for sure!
Blessings to you and yours.

JaNene Dorsett-Koch said...

Wonderful & motivating!

Mark Dacoron said...

Looks like a good plan.