Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Hit It!"

Water skiing is my first love. I was on two skis by age six, I was lucky enough to train at the legendary McCormick Ski School when I was twelve, meet champion Camille Duvall-Hero through business, and even have my ski signed by Sammy Duvall. The day my family bought a Mastercraft ski boat I felt the love most kids feel when they get a new puppy.

The only accomplishment that overshadows the first time I ever succeeded at gliding across the water on barefeet, is the day I did it backwards. While I never competed or had anything but a smile to show for my passion for this sport, to know me is to know that I am happiest on the water.

Frankly, waterskiing was one of my motivating factors for the development of P90X. I had never had a fitness program that would prepare me for the bursts of power and stamina required of the sport. Selfish, but I figured if I needed something to train me for my sport, there had to be others out there who wanted a solution for their sport as well whether waterskiing, snow skiing, bowling, hurling, curling, etc.

Now generally, I have not seen many people share my intense enthusiasm for the sensation of waterskiing. "Neat" or "yeah that's fun" are about as compelled as I hear most people get. For me though, it is a supercharged experience every time I get pulled up for another run across flat water. No matter how spent my legs or my grip, I'll find a way to get another run in. It is my one true break from whatever is going on in the "real world". Nothing feels as gratifying as a crisp turn into a hard pull across the wake, over and over again. There's just nothing like that sensation for me.

So last week when I was on vacation, and my five-year old daughter Ava asked for the first time, "is it my turn to ski now?", I was shocked, and ready to support her completely. We started on the boom, and she nailed it right away. Then we added a five foot extension. And the next day, it was long line off the back of the boat. I asked her to yell "Hit It!" when she was ready to get started. I barely had to put the boat in gear and this little peanut was up. She is a natural!

And I could not be more proud or excited about the fact that for the rest of my life I can share my favorite sport with my favorite person.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am anxious waiting for Turbo Jam .Do you know something new about the Turbo Jam release? Thank you.

Carl Daikeler said...

It looks like mid-August for TurboJam. I just watched a rough cut and it looks amazing! People are going to enjoy this program so much they will want us to keep producing new videos with Chalene.

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, Thanks for sharing Ava and your water passion. I love the ocean but I have never ski, water or snow. Maybe the uncalled for fear or drowning or breaking a leg. Anyway. Just seeing how Ava just zooms right thru the water makes it more fun to try something new. Taking it outside is fun. We are going as a family to Six Flags Great America, IL this Sun. Sat is my day 90 and I am going to reward myself by taking my new body for a spin. Going to enjoy Hurricane Harbor and all the rides. I am not a thrill seeker, but you never know. By the end of the day I will be ecstatic or petrified. I will let you know how it ends. Hopefully it will be tons of fun for everyone as well. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Thanks again. See you Sat at P90live! It is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!! What a way to celebrate day 90.

Dusk said...

Sheesh Carl, that made me teary-eyed it's so precious!

absmom said...

...I tried to post this a week or more ago- it wouldn't budge...just figured out why...

So here I am to just say what a glorious thing you have to share with Ava. I remember her vividly from Hawaii- (I was the one that dressed her up like Little Red Riding Hood at dinner one night) and I have to remark at how beautifully she's grown and how wonderful it is that she is so brave. Best regards. Oh yeah- and HIT IT!!!