Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How To Pay it Forward

In case you're wondering how to use that extra DVD you got in your July One-on-One shipment, Nancy Downard Schwertfeger sent me this story that is a great example of what we wanted to achieve. Thank you Nancy! That's what coaching is about right there!

I just wanted to share the experience I had with the Pay it Forward DVD today.

I'm an 8th grade teacher, and have an amazing assistant principal who is truly supportive and caring for her teachers. She is also 5' tall, and I'm sure weighs over 300 pounds. I have known her for over 6 years, and she's been involved with our 'Biggest Loser' club at school, joined the weight watchers program at school, and even walked the hallways with students after school hours. I know she wants to make changes.

Today I sat down with her and shared my P90X journey (I'm a grad, currently on round 2 doubles, have dumped 25 pounds, and developed strength and a new found love for myself!). Then I explained the One-on-One subscription that I receive, how I had the opportunity to meet Tony in Atlanta in June and how inspirational he is, and that I had received from Tony and Beachbody, a gift to pass along to someone that I care about. I passed the Pay it Forward DVD to her, shared Brian's story with her, and told her that because I care about her and her health, that I wanted her to find some time to push play.

She immediately broke into tears...she was so overwhelmed that I cared about her in such a personal way that I would want to give her the DVD. We spent some time talking about fitness, nutrition, my blog (http://personalsweatequity.blogspot.com), how you and Tony were in Washington D.C. meeting with congressional members about fitness and the health crisis of the nation, and about the promise of the future.

It truly was an incredible experience. I thank you and Tony for the opportunity.

Nancy Schwertfeger
Independent Beachbody Coach


Footnote: We have the tools. We have the team. Let's end the trend of obesity!


Steve said...

Great story!

And I have one request - reading that you were in D.C. with Congressional members talking about the health crisis ... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't come out in support of the current plan for government-sponsored health insurance (And don't come out against it either for that matter!) Please remain "non-political!"

Howtobefit said...

Awesome post, Carl, and stated just right. Love that picture of John. It helps get the point across!