Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sick of Feeling Sick

Last weekend sitting at my desk, I had one of those cold sweat, "uh-oh-here-it-comes" moments, I felt like I was getting sick with something. I felt my head getting foggy, my throat beginning to feel scratchy, and my stomach not feeling altogether settled. All the warning signs were there, I was coming down with something.

As the day progressed, it slowly got worse. I could have crawled comfortably into bed at any time, but it wasn't bad enough to call it a day. My mind started to imagine where this was headed. Was it the flu? My turn to get H1N1? Did the bug ripping through Ava's elementary school finally get to me?

I got to bed early enough to rest and see where things stood the next day. Sleep was difficult, with body aches and mild sweats. Something was definitely up. I think I finally got to sleep around midnight, and the alarm that is my 18 month old went off at 6AM.

As I got up, I realized something was different. I did a quick bit of surveillance. Head; sharp. Energy; good. Throat; clear. Stomach; settled. I had dodged the bullet!

Here's why that is a big deal to me;

In the past, I was not a "get a little sick" kind of guy. When I get sick, I get SICK. But ever since I started taking better care of myself and drinking Shakeology every day, everything about my general health is stronger.

The point is not that Shakeology is some cure-all. The point is this, and it's important that you read this carefully: When your body has the nutrition it needs to operate, you will get sick less. Whether it's Shakeology or you have the discipline and patience to eat well, nutrition feeds your body what it needs to thrive.

When your body has a foundation of great nutrition, when it does get attacked by a virus, your immune system will be in better shape to defend itself, so you will be sick shorter. And as you age, when your body has a foundation of good nutrition to continue to build healthy new blood cells, keep connective tissue healthy, and to fight inflammation, you will feel younger, and enjoy the benefits of youth longer. That is the pay off with good nutrition.

I am thankful there are medications to help us overcome severe sickness. But I would prefer to treat my body in a way that avoids getting sick in the first place. And if I do get sick, I want to know that I have built a foundation of nutrition that will go to work and make my turn around as fast as possible.

If you're sick of feeling sick, then take action to give your body what it needs to thrive. That's what fitness does. That's what better diet choices can do. And that's what the Shakeology program is!

If you are sick of feeling sick, give your body the fuel it needs to protect itself!


Marie said...

I have to agree with you. For a year, things went well, I took good care of myself, worked up to P90X, & didn't get really sick. This year, my situation is different, I haven't taken good care of myself, my nutrition hasn't been good, & I have been sick a lot.

screwdestiny said...

Totally agree. I rarely get sick and I contribute a lot of that to my exercise and good nutrition plan. I also know people who get sick all the time who eat like crap, don't exercise, smoke, etc., and I try to explain that that's why, but they don't care.

mbent said...


Thank you, Carl and Beachbody, for another unique world class product!

Karla Reese said...

In complete agreement. I do think Shakeology is a miracle. Any closer to getting the ORAC #?

Lisa Decker Griffith said...

I have not had so much as a cold since March when I started drinking it. I love it!!