Friday, May 13, 2005

"Pump It"

The large workout room at Beachbody is reserved all day today as we prepare for a new product shoot next week. Beachbody’s VP of Development, Lara Ross, and Director of Production, Heather Church look on as Chalene Johnson demonstrates her signature “Pump It” abs move. It's one of her Elite 11 which will be featured in the TurboJam routines we’re shooting next week.

Based on a meeting yesterday I think the entire TurboJam product will be ready to ship in July. All I know is, the entire production staff is into this product - from the heavy investment we've made into the music, to the high-energy vibe Chalene puts into her workouts. I love to see how the Beachbody team improves with every new shoot. They've realized that we're not only in the fitness and weight loss business, we're in the entertainment business - People need to enjoy the workouts they're doing. And based on the reactions we're getting from rehearsals, you are going to love this product.

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