Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TurboJam is in Production

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Just moments before they started to shoot one of the first TurboJam workouts, "TurboJam Cardio Party", I snapped this shot with my cell phone. And then the party started - the music is off the hook - the energy is unprecedented - and you cannot help but want to get up and join in.

Honestly - Chalene and the cast are awesome, and everyone involved has done a great job pulling everything we've learned together to make these the most fun you can have sweating off inches. I am very impressed. (Which says a lot, because I've had as little to do with this development as anything we've produced.)

Andrea, the director on this shoot, is the "go-to" director on fitness videos. If they're noteworthy, she does them. And I am always impressed how, even though she's shot workouts for all "the biggies", she still defers to us and the specific details that make a video a "Beachbody" workout. She's a pro, and we're lucky to work with her.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the great picture of the Turbo Jam group! I am so excited to buy these new workouts. As a Turbo Kick instructor, I am also an avid home exerciser and can't wait to add these workouts to my home video/dvd library. I know a lot of people are anticipating Turbo Jam so please keep us informed. Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carl! I really feel like I need to personally thank you for bringing Turbo Jam to the public. Your website is hands down the best in the business. TJ is a great workout that doesn't feel like work. Your commitment to bringing products to the market for every different level is admirable. I was a Beachbody skeptic for quite some time, but I now have 3 products from your arsenal, (TJ, YBB, Project You) and look forward to many more. Think about adding 60 minute Turbo Jams in the future plese. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
Valerie in Detroit,MI

Carl Daikeler said...

Thanks Valerie! I hope you have taken your photos as you progress through your transformation. It's going to be a good year to get in great shape! I hope to see you in WOWY.com on Jan 1 at 1PM ET!