Monday, April 03, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the office...

The operations and finance team are deep into it, counting ever little booklet, tape measure, DVD, vitamin and resistance band... it's the end of the quarter, and yes, EVERYTHING gets counted.

I wanted to thank the team, plus our auditors, for working hard through the weekend to make sure that this inventory would not impact our ability to ship product from weekend orders by Tuesday. So far so good!

Pictured on the ladder; Neil, Danny, Robert, and Heather.

Pictured around the table, waiting for numbers; Sofia, Helen, Louise, Ken (kinda looks like Ken's doing all the work here) and Traci (at least I spelled it right Traci!)


Anonymous said...

Oh good, I hope that means the order I placed this weekend will actually arrive today. I haven't been able to get a straight answer (or at this point any answer) from CS and hoped with the large amount I paid to have it express shipped that I would actually get it this week.
Oh and while I am here... Myself and other Beachbody customers would love to see the supplements available in stores such as Target like the Slim in 6 and Project You DVD's are..

Thanks for listening..well reading anyway... :)

Carl Daikeler said...

Wellllll. It's been a hard week on those folks. Customer service has been intermittent this week due to a blackout in Beverly Hills, and was shut down yesterday through Monday morning due to a consequential glitch that threatened to corrupt data. Long story short, if your order got caught in this nightmare, it might not arrive today.

I'll keep my fingers crossed though (and still try to type)

AZTLGRL said...

I love him.

Oh and you to Carl.