Friday, April 14, 2006

They are the **IT

They are the IT team, and they have put in unbelievable hours for the last ten days as they worked to solve multiple issues created by a Beverly Hills power outage in the midst of a critical system upgrade.

In case you tried to get customer service last week and were frustrated by a busy signal or lack of information, it all was a nasty ripple effect within Beachbody nerve center. But this team of dedicated folks worked literally around the clock for ten days straight to get it solved, and I am exceptionally grateful.

Now, when you hang around the office into the night with the tech crowd, you learn interesting things, like, what they use for energy to stay alert for fifty hours straight. The answer; an Indian pastry called "Jalebi". This stuff is like carnival funnel cake, with a gooey sugary center. If you ask me it's a speed pass ticket to a two hour sugar coma. But I watched them chew on it throughout the night last Friday, all the while keeping an even keel. I think you'd find Jalebi at the bottom of Michi's Ladder. But given that they seem to be in okay shape, maybe there's some magical properties that support weight loss. Bottom line is, they are getting the job done, and they are doing it with great composure. "More Jalebi Mom, please?"


Dusk said...

That looks like something they serve in fear factor!

leannwoo said...

Dawn, my thoughts exactly! Looks like spicy worms!

Anonymous said...

I have attempted to cancel my beachbody account and autoshippments for quite some time.

Since then, I have moved-- and one of my credit card numbers has changed. I am billed on one card, and sent a letter from a collections agency from another.

I have saved my many attempts to CANCEL everything that would require future billing. I am disappointed in this process, thus making me uneager to purchase future products from beachbody.

Please look into this.