Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Show me the pout. Come on. Work it! Work it!"

When our web design team puts together emails and web promotion pages, sometimes we have great photos from the catalog we get at Fitness Camps, the Hawaii Trip, or other resources.

It occurred to me this week when I saw this image of "Girl with Banana Mouth" on the meal planning page at MyBeachbody that it would be a lot more fun and representative of the Beachbody community to feature more photos of customers whenever possible.

This blog post is an invitation to send us any digital photos you can so we can add them to our library of images for use within the family of websites.

Alison picks many of the photos we use, and is excited at the prospect that we might be able to feature more customer shots. Here's what she asked me, to as you to send us:

Food/Diet Photos
- You and your family eating healthy.
- cooking or preparing smoothies.
- posing with food (see odd banana shot above)

Exercise Photos
- Strike a yoga pose, grab those dumbbells and smile!
- How about some push ups from a fun angle?
- Let's see your best imitation of a Turbo Jam cover!

Show off!
- Fun images of you or your kids showing off: flexing, posing like a model, carrying ten bags of groceries at once... Something that shows the positive effect in their personal life of their fitness

- Photos with Tony, Debbie, Chalene or other trainers
- Photos of you with other customers
- Photos of you on the computer using our online community. It's hard to make a photo of a person using a laptop fun, but it can be done

The important thing is for you to get creative and play with camera angles and color a little (Think; Red shirt - Red hat - Red resistance band... that kind of color repetition).

The images I have included in this post are just examples. I hope you just go for it. We'll crop them to fit on the site. The images throughout the community are changed every week, so the more photos the better!

Send your photos (with names of the people pictured) as attachments to


littljen said...

That was too fun. :)

I had fun going through the many photos I've taken durning my one year with Beachbody.

Thanks for being so friendly with the BB community.

littljen said...

Cool! You used one of my pics!! :D