Monday, June 19, 2006

July 1st -- You Are Invited!

That's the news at Beachbody and WOWY -- we've just launched the BETA version of a WOWY invitation tool to help people get (and give) workout support!

The existing Success Buddies feature has done pretty well, but now it gets even better because you can invite people to workout when you've put your schedule together. The system walks you through it step by step. And I'm hoping it will be another tool to help people keep their commitment to workout by giving you the power to build consistency with a group of people you know.

And to encourage you to add your photo to your WOWY profile, I'm putting up another $500 to see how many people will put off the summer-slump for a 12PM ET/9AM PT workout on Saturday July 1st. 500 smackers goes to someone logged in at Noon ET/9:00AM PT. They will be randomly chosen to win the $500 just for working out within WOWY (with an approved photo in their profile).

And while you're thinking ahead and scheduling your workouts - take moment to try out the BETA version of the invitation tool.

Here's how it works:

1. First go to and log in
2. Click on the date in the calendar you want to schedule (July 1)
3. Choose the time you want to workout in the drop down menu (9AM)
4. Select the workout you're going to follow (I will be doing Turbo Jam Cardio Party - my first ever TJ WOWY!)
5. Click on "Invite Buddies" in the Success Buddies" section
You'll need to have people in your address book to invite:
> Click "Add Buddies"
> Lookup members and add them to your address book.
> Consider adding non-members ( in the area at the bottom) so you can add "outsiders"
who you've wanted to encourage to start working out.
> Then click "Done adding Buddies"
6. Click on the buddies you want to invite to that workout and click "Submit"
7. Check the invitation, and click on "Yes - SEND THE INVITATION"

Maybe on the 1st we'll break the record of 331 people in WOWY set exactly 6 months ago on the first of the year! With all the Turbo Jam activity in WOWY the last couple months, I wouldn't be surprised.

I look forward to hearing how you like the invitation tool, and look forward to our July 1st workout!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! When I have invited a new person into WOWY, there wasn't always a way to make sure I picked them or they picked me. Plus there is always a group of us that email and encourages each other every day. This works well. Thank you.