Thursday, June 22, 2006

Turn Back The Clock on Your Birthday

I read a great thread on the message boards yesterday, where member Sookie (aka Itsy in WOWY) is using the new WOWY invitation application to create her very own online birthday party on July 2nd -- it's a birthday workout at 7AM ET!

And she's already got over 20 people who have signed up for that time!

I think this is a great way to turn back the clock on your birthday - you do your favorite workout, improving how your body feels and at the same time increasing your support group for the year ahead by confirming your commitment on the one day each year that is all about you.

When we created WOWY one of the things we talked about doing was having a page devoted to birthdays for just this reason, but we never got around to building that page. Now it seems the invitation tool has helped it materialize on its own. I think I'll speak to the MyBeachbody staff about taking this idea to another level in the next version of the program.

Thanks to Sookie for reminding me about the birthday application!


psyknife said...

Carl -
Hey... Melanie here, aka "psyknife" on the boards and WOWY.
I just wanted to make a post about an improvement that could be made to the messageboards... how's about instant posting? There are a couple threads devoted to this idea in the suggestions forum, but no one from Beachbody has replied a "yay" or "nay" to the idea with reasons why or why not.
It's getting frustrating waiting up to 8 hours or more for some posts to appear. I made posts this morning and they still haven't shown up... over 6 hours later! The message boards are supposed to be to help offer people instant support, right? Well, they are not being very instant.
People have made good suggestions to still keep the boards clean... perhaps have filters so that certain words can not be posted... have an option where people can PM an administrator if they see anyone abusing on the boards... I mean, is there really a need to pre-moderate each and every post??? On top of that... people's threads are getting locked or deleting without explanation. It's just very disappointing to get treated like you don't exist, sometimes, because things disappear into cyberspace without rhyme or reason.
So, please Carl... consider having the boards switched to instant posting. It will make EVERYONE a lot happier.
Thank you for your time :-)

SaConda said...

Carl.. I must really thank you. This was so right on time. I was originally going to just post to the message boards and few email addresses that I had, but when I saw the new WOWY page and then received an invite I new this was my opportunity to invite all my virutal BeachBuddies to my birthday workout party! This new tool is amazing. Keep up the great work! Thanks again.

Sookie ... a.k.a Itsy