Friday, September 01, 2006

Turbo Charge Your Inspiration

We are launching a new WOWY group called "MySpacers" thanks to some poking around to see how Beachbody folks are using that application.

I've already met a bunch of our customers and old friends, and started to see how important (and, um, addicting) networking can be to the whole fitness/weight loss experience.

While promoting a Saturday workout (7AM PT!), I met Meredith (seen here with Chalene). She can't make it to the WOWY, but when I read her email below, I asked her if I could post her comments so I can brag about it to everyone I know. We are proud of Meredith. We are proud of Chalene for this incredible program that gets real results. This is why we love being in this business!

Thank you Meredith!

My screen name there is "TurboMerr". I saw the infomercial for TJ when I was in the hospital 3 months ago. I was there for diabetes- I am 37- and decided that day that I wanted to live and not die- since then I have been doing TJ every day.. and I LOVE IT! Chalene and the whole crew are so amazing and inspiring. I have lost over 40 pounds and want to lose another 100- when I do, I am going to send in my info so that maybe I can be on one of your infomercials. I just wanted to tell you my story! Oh and I am totally off insulin now- I left the hospital on 95 units. Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!



Meredith said...

THANK YOU Carl and Chalene and everyone at BeachBody- I am so excited about my journey! Thanks for supporting me! Lots of Love, Meredith

psalm9567 said...

Way to go, Meredith!! Congratulations to you for all your hard work and success!! I know that more is coming!!!



AZTLGRL said...

I need to start copyrighting my photos...I could make some fat cash yo

Anonymous said...

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