Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"You're late...Drop and give me 20"

It was so nice to visit with everyone at the Chicago camp this weekend and watch many of the success stories who I've met in the past who have maintained, improved or completely surpassed their former results by living the lifestyle.
Just as fun was meeting the new people who will no doubt soon be framed for display on the walls of fame at the Beachbody offices in Beverly Hills.

I spent Saturday morning taking photographs and giggling quietly at the groans during P90X Yoga... But I must say, this group, with all levels represented, was very flexible and zen-like.
I showed up a few minutes late to the 11 Laws seminar, and Traci Morrow made sure I did my 20 push-ups. Tony made sure I did them X-Style.

I wasn't the only one -- anyone who as much as mouthed the phrase "I can't" had to knock 20 out (Phyllis!).

We have plans for other get togethers in 2007 which are going to be even more exciting, and I am hoping to talk about those plans here in the next few months.
Great job to Tony and the Beachbody team (Anna, Philippa, Heather and Lara). And special thanks to Traci Morrow for helping us organize this year's camps in a way that was professional, friendly, and in a way which helped us exceed expectations.

And by the way, when Traci wasn't working, I discovered she was secretly working out in her own little world behind the table... That's why she's the host of Mybeachbody!


psyknife said...

Woohoo! I'm on Carl's Blog! I feel like a superstar!!!!!!! :-D
Can't wait to hear about the plans for next year! I plan on being even leaner and meaner! ;-)

psyknife said...

Woo hoo! I'm on Carl's blog! I feel all warm and squishy inside... special, if you will :-)
I can't wait to hear about the plans for next year. I'll be even more ready to BRING IT! I plan on being leaner and meaner ;-)

TUFFWOLF said...

Carl do you think you can move chicago to say late spring middle of may would work. and put one in san antonio.. say late october time frame??? that would work for me.....

HULA77 said...

Carl, it was a pleasure to meet you at Chicago camp! Must say I was a little intimidated by the camera during yoga, but all was good! Thanks for making it all so real for us.

As to next year, I posted a thread in the suggestion box. Don't know how often you get over there, so here it is....

"9-18-06 1:56 p.m. - Having just gotten back from my first official Beachbody camp this past weekend in Chicago and having a spectacular time, I'm wondering if something could be thrown around the think tank at Beachbody.

It's obvious we all love Beachbody and its products. Camp is a great way for us to get together and solidify our relationships and gain excellent knowledge and learn from the professionals themselves firsthand.

Since so many of us have used multiple of the Beachbody products, wouldn't it be cool if there was a weekend or week-long camp that involved the P90, SI6, SS, YBB, TJ, etc., etc. products all into one to be held once or perhaps twice a year?

Since more and more of us are going to the hybrid-type of working out, this may be a wave of the future and something to consider. What better way for ALL of us using or have used the different Beachbody products to get together and get to know each other.

Just a thought.



Kudos to everyone at Beachbody for creating products that have changed our lifestyles forever!


Anonymous said...

Carl, it was soooo great to meet you in Chicago! I had an awesome time at my first camp! My husband will be joining me next time!!! :D I'll be able to do more standard pushups by then!!! Tony helped me see I have it in me to do more than I thought possible. Light bulbs moments were many for me! Especially with the diet side of things! I'm finally in control and the final 20 pounds on me don't have a chance of hanging on now!!! I've already lost 5 lbs. since camp!!! AWESOME!!!

PLEASE CONSIDER A CAMP IN TORONTO (steer Tony away from Vancouver....even towards Calgary would be better for us Ontarians...Tony could go skiing in Banff still ;))


Ontario, Canada

Kelly said...

Carl, it was so nice meeting you in Chicago! Camp really exceeded expectations for me, and I've been so fired up talking about it, I got yet ANOTHER co-worker to buy P90X!!! Can't wait for the next Camp!

psalm9567 said...

Hey Carl,

So glad you got to drop in on the campers. Wish I could have been there! Next year, friend, next year! I'm saving already! I selfishly vote for the Washington, DC area!!!

Mel, you already are a superstar! Lori, you have always been stronger than you thought!

Here's to another 90 day challenge, started by these Chi-town campers! We'll be bringing it, starting Monday, September 25th! (check it out at the Live in Chicago thread!)

Have a great day, Carl!

ps: another thought: is there money in your BB budget to re-shoot P90? It needs a major overhaul! I tried to get back into it, but after doing part of MS and the X, it's just too..I hate to say it...boring!! Tony is great, but the peeps are boring, the set is boring, the music is boring! I think you would sell a TON more if it was modernized!! :) Just my $.02 worth!

psyknife said...

Great idea Psalm! I totally agree!
Maybe you could use success story peeps in a reshoot of P90??? *cough*hint*cough* Hehehehe.

nick said...

Hi Carl,

I just want to thank you for that very memorable breakfast I had with you, Tony and Traci. I'm very happy that you came forward and provided some very useful and constructive criticism as to the "bad stuff" I had piled on my plate! My breakfasts have never been the same since...and for the better I must add!

Go Phillies! Well, maybe next year...

Carl Daikeler said...

Nick -- just so we're clear... I didn't call anything "bad"... it was just that you had enough for three meals on there. I am glad you made some corrections. Five meals a day, nothing three hours before bed, plenty of water, and you'll break the plateau!

nick said...


Thanks for the clarification on that! Since Chicago I've taken your professional advice regarding my diet and the compliments from family and friends have not ceased! My answer to them:, baby!

A million thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Let's Go T.O! Let't go T.O!!!