Monday, November 03, 2008

Lazyman's Loophole

I have been trying to get my morning workouts going since Danny was born and sleep routines got all crazy... I think I found the loophole which worked for me this morning!

Since we got back the hour of sleep Saturday night, my body clock is still on daylight savings time. That means I have what it takes to workout at 5AM -- which feels like 6AM!

I've got one in the bag, so I am going for another Tuesday morning. If you can make it, I'll see you there!


J. Wilcox said...

I love it, I felt the same way this morning when I woke up earlier to do my workout (Power 90 Cardio 3/4) before my toddler came running out to get my attention. I made it all the way through today - woo hoo! :) I think I'll get up even earlier tomorrow. :)

Anne Dovel said...

It's so difficult for me to get up early, but my day goes so much smoother when I get my workout done before the boys get up!
Carl, "Snoozebusters" WOWY group is alive and well. See you tomorrow am!

Timothy Carter said...

Man, that is still way to early for me!

But that picture is super cute Carl!

Timothy Carter

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,
I love the early morning time too!! I got into the habit of working out early before my kids get up (I'm up between 4:30-5 am every morning doing P90X) and it's become one of my favorite times of day. It sets the tone for the whole day and I LOVE LOVE it.

Your boy is adorable!