Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forget Black Friday -- A Better Gift Idea

We had a very well-attended event in the Philadelphia area this weekend, including coaches from all over the North East and even as far away as Texas!

I am always so grateful to the people who attend these functions and bring such positive energy. I am especially grateful this time to my brother David and his employer, Byer's Choice, who provided the facility for us to meet. The Byer's family is one of the most philanthropic I have ever witnessed, and it shows in their hospitality to our Beachbody Coaches and prospects. For them to get involved with us means the Beachbody Revolution has been recognized by another group of people who truly care about helping people.

During the event, a coach asked about the best way to facilitate giving Beachbody products as gifts, perhaps through the use of gift certificates. We've avoided gift certificates because accounting for the cash is not simple within a network marketing comp plan. But in the meantime, we came up with an idea not to give products away, but to ask for others to get fit as their gift to you!

"Ask friends and family to exercise for at least 30 days starting in January as their gift to you this year."

Instead of writing out a Christmas list filled with more "stuff" that you want, tell people that the gift you want is something that will help you both:

(1) They purchase a fitness program from your coach website - for THEMSELVES.
(2) You earn the commission on it
(3) They promise to follow it for at least 30 days.

Everybody wins, and it's the kind of gift that doesn't get forgotten or taken for granted.

This is people working together. This is a gift that pays you both dividends all year. What other gift can enhance and add energy to your relationship, and make people feel good about helping you and helping their own health in the spirit of keeping their holiday promise? This is it!

This would be a great occasion to sign up to host a ChaLEAN Extreme Launch Party and invite family members. Helping them add muscle to build their metabolisms back up in 2009 can be the gift you all give each other - starting with the Launch Party January 3rd.

And don't forget to subscribe to the Tony Horton One-On-One series as a gift to yourself! Here's an image from that DVD I was talking about a few weeks ago. It's only available to December subscribers of the series.

Dreams do come true...

Click to play the preview


MelanieB said...

Nobody can accuse ya'll of not having a sense of humor! ;-)

Stu said...

I'm sorry I was unable to attend this event. Hopefully there will be another event in the Philly area soon.

I am so thankful to have found Beachbody.

Heron Free said...

Hi Carl, I love what you and tony are doing. This is a little off topic but I was looking for a workout video for my parents and found there is very little for the over 50 crowd that's actually exciting and sexy. This is such a group of wise and exciting people and a huge demographic. But most marketing focuses on the purchasing of 'depend' undergarments, safe soaker tubs, and life insurance.

Moses Znaimer has coined the term: Zoomers for this group and has created a new magazine where over 50 is alive and vibrant and just waiting to go. Please consider creating a kick ass though considerate workout video for this group. That blows the doors off all the stereotypes we have :)

Hey after 50. You still got 40 years to go so you better be in shape.

Interview: http://50plus.com/Lifestyle/BrowseAllArticles/index.cfm?t_offset=1&documentID=21250

Zoomers Magazine: http://zoomermag.com

CassR said...

Holiday Horton 1-on-1 looks like a Hoot! Love the idea of the gift of health & fitness too! Beachbody has put out so many exciting new programs recently! Bravo!! Also, speaking of gifts & the new year, I would love to see Beachbody create a wall calendar. Most everyone buys them (this time of year especially) and they make great gifts too! We look at them daily & it would be a good daily reminder to fit in our fitness goals. Perhaps highlight a different trainer/program each month...include tips, quotes, a place to write down the workout schedule, clean eating success, etc. Add in some top transformation before/after pix, & maybe even a separate mini calendar/planner for coaches with coach events & top coach tips...maybe even a zippered pouch for business cards? Just a few ideas of what I would like. Perhaps others would too? I know I'd really like an inspirational fitness calendar to spur my goals for the new year & I know there aren't many options out there. Maybe an idea you could consider for next year? I know I'd buy it! ;)

gmunoz said...

Oh WOW! Here, here on the comment left by CassR! Wall calendar is someting I'd definitely purchase for myself, friends, and family. Something to remind them about Beachbody and that I'm their contact when they desire to get fit and in shape.

I usually am relegated to getting a calendar for my office that shows scenes from around the country or old cars. How about Beachbody Successes? WOW! Great idea!