Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Tony Horton One-on-One First!

As the "One Penny Promotion" for Tony Horton's One-on-One workouts ends its record-breaking run this Friday July 31st, it's time to look ahead at what he's got for us in August;

It's called “Core Ball Sandwich", a ball-based workout created when Tony was on a ski trip in Jackson Hole. Not only is this an incredible ab and core routine using a variety of balls to challenge his core from front to back, Tony brought the funny.

And with the August shipments, One on One subscribers are also first to get a taste of the brand new RevAbs program by Brett Hoebel called "Fire Up Your Abs". This workout is a 40-minute routine with a nice taste of real Capoeira. This is the real deal, and you are going to love it!

But the one-penny deal on Tony Horton's personal One-On-One workout expires Friday -- so get in now or you'll wish you did!


Hassan90X said...

wow carl core ball sandwich looks awesome! and the rev abs sneek preview looks amazing thanks beachbody for creating the one on ones!

Joey said...

Was that Jason Young in one of the videos? Beachbody's message board guru's?

Anne Dovel said...

Carl! Love the samples that come with the One on One subscription. And I really love the new RevABs workout we got in July!
I really look forward to when that program comes out. I will be ordering it right away!

Now...on the Core Ball Sandwich..that is hard core, pun intended. And I'm going to put it up on my shelf and just look at it awhile. Those pushups on the exercise ball were killer! :) In a good way.