Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shockers and Stunners

It's good to see the celebrity-visibility of our ground-breaking P90X continues to spread simply by the awesome spectacle of real results. Exercise and eating right, it works. You might say "Yeah but Demi and Ashton HAVE to workout and eat right. If my career depended on it, I'd be more consistent too!"

THAT'S why we created the Team Beachbody Coach Network and the Million Dollar Body Game. Your income can be positively affected by your health and fitness transformation, but you have to go for it.

I am proud of the Stunners featured in InTouch, and sorry for the Shocker. (Being underweight is as debilitating as being obese.)

Everybody deserves to be healthy, and everyone has the power to decide to take control of their situation. Team Beachbody coaches are helping people get access to solutions every single day. It's a pleasure to work beside people who get it and people who care.

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