Saturday, June 11, 2005

The kid's got courage

My daughter Ava and I went to the Long Beach Aquarium Saturday to see the Sea life, and there was this fenced-in area where you could feed these birds called Lorikeets.

As you walk into the netted Lorikeet forest with this little cup of nectar in your hand, you are immediately swarmed by these parrot-looking birds who know the deal. I'm not talking Hitchcock here, but at one point I had one on my head, one on my shoulder and two on my arms. I tried to settle into it, but frankly, it freaked me out. And I'm sure you can imagine the delightful Lorikeet timebomb waiting inside each little creature as these birds digest this virtual "nectar parade".

Well, Ava was much more courageous and sturdy with the experience than I was. She was like St. Francis with the "keets". I'm glad she got her patience for animals from her mom.


Mary Cecy said...

Carl, Ava is gorgeous... She is very lucky to have such great parents to guide her through a wonderful life! She does imitate what she sees. All kids do.

So proud of you. Happy Father's Day!

mermandrea said...

Good thing the Lori's didn't "get" you, they kind of projectile eliminate--if you get my drift!!!!!

BTW.... Lori's ARE parrots!!!!

Can't wait to go there myself... it was closed when I was supposed to go because of a bird epidemic...

PS I'm the Glendale teacher Tony came to visit yesterday... What a blast!

Carl Daikeler said...

Thanks for the post! I heard Tony was on fire when he visited your school Thursday. I am hoping we do a lot more of that kind of thing as more schools and teachers use our programs to supplement the fitness activity of the curriculum. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Your company ripped me off and I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. I'm also telling everyone I know ,writing to some magazines and contacting the TV Guide Channel about your business practices and how you deal with your customers.
Thank you.
Sharon Brady

Carl Daikeler said...

Sharon - I am very sorry you feel that way. I have 100% confidence that, while customer service can get confusing, and the hold times have recently been less than stellar, our company would not "rip you off". We respond to every complaint with the BBB immediately, and have never NOT resolved a matter wiht a customer that allowed us to understand the situation and adequately address the issues. It's not how we operate, as business people, as human beings.

I look forward to reviewing anything that wish to forward to my attention at, or looking into the matter if the BBB forwards the issue to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl

I just ordered your P90X and THEN read all the negative reviews on different website forums. You have got to be insensetive to all the complaints by now. I read where you had at least a thousand complaints filed with the BBB. I really hope I won't be disappointed with the product, as the hype surrounding this product seems very believable. It would be great if your sales reps and your website was programed to understand that MOST people do not like to be pressured with "up selling". I think time has shown that if you have a great product, people will be contacting you asking for more; no need to cram it down their throat before they even get to try your product.

Best wishes and you can count on hearing from me one way or the other. I'm 51 years old and still have the ability to get into great shape so I'm hoping P90X will be my ticket!