Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Am I Doing?

A few people have written to ask what my workouts consist of these days, so I figured I'd lay it out here.

With ski season approaching, my goal is to get my legs in shape BEFORE I get to the mountain, rather than to simply start skiing and wish I had gotten them in better ski shape ON the mountain.

While I have not set any specific travel plans yet, one of the best ski trips I've ever had was a boondoggle Jon Congdon, Tony Horton and I had in Aspen a couple years ago. (photo). It was a last minute trip and an absolute blast. From the small world department, we ended up running into Phil Jones and his wife Ashley from Pure Kauai who were in Aspen for the same weekend... totally random, and a lot of fun.

So - I am focusing on legs, butt, back (lower), and abs with a mix of upper body and cardio. Last night I did the new Power 90 Masters Series Plyo Legs. That's going to be a real staple to my training regimen for ski prep as I work toward getting in 50 hardcore leg workouts before I get to a mountain sometime in January.

If anyone wants to join with that motivation we could start a WOWY group. Let me know and I'll get it done!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'm in!! :) Count me in, homey.

traci :)

AZTLGRL said...

Rock on with yo bad sef...

I'm doing a SS and TJ mix but I'll be watching C-Dawg!

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, thanks for making me want P90MS... Just when I thought I had my BB addiction under control :P

Love your story. Well I know what I need to do to prepare for ski season, even if I don't actually get on a pair of skis.

Mary Mc said...


Although I won't be skiing, I'd love a legs, butt, low back, and abs focus! Count me in!!!

Mary Mc

akiko525 said...

Carl, come to Pacific Northwest (WA & BC)! All the mountains are already open for the season!!! My favorit is of course, Whistler-Blackcomb! You'll love it there!

As a blackbelt in Karate and former ski instructor in Canada, leg workouts are soooooo important for me! I love Tony's Plyo Legs workout!

I am so looking forward to this year's ski season!

Anonymous said...

Now that my hamstring has recovered from overworking it a few weeks ago, I need to get ready for those mountains! We did Snow Mass last year! It was the best! Looking forward to what this year will bring. YEE HAH! Love Plyo Legs!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carl!!

Haven't been on your blog lately, did you miss me?? hee hee

Plyo Legs totally kicked my backside! You can tell Tony that my butt was so sore for like three days afterwards!!! But, I loved it! I love Tony, I love Traci, I love the other guy on there!! Sorry, can't remember your name right now, other guy!!

Anyway, don't know that I'll get in 50, as I'm finishing my round 2 (day 41 was today) but I will strive for half that.

Have a great day and I'll see you later!