Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The results are in!

As you might recall, in early October I mentioned how Thomas Haire, editor of the direct response industry's trade magazine "RESPONSE" had begun Power 90 to see if it could help him lose weight as promised in the infomercial.

Tom completed his 90 days last Saturday, and he let us know how he did:

I weighed-in Saturday morning (day 90) at 201, a total loss of 37 lbs. in 90 days. I went through the measurements the day before. I lost six inches off my waist and hips, and two inches off my chest and thighs. Toned up my arms about 1-1 1/2 inches also. The program worked wonders. You’ll see the before and after photos in the December issue Editor’s Note. My plan now is to get back into the gym, utilizing the circuit program I learned from the DVDs with free weights, while mixing in some of my own cardio with at least one day a week of the Power 90 cardio. Should continue working out about 5 days a week. As far as diet goes, I plan on splurging a little bit more than I did during the 90 days, but doing the program for those 90 days has changed how I see food and how I will approach my overall eating plan. I will definitely continue with the eating plan I learned from Power90. My goal now is to maintain my weight between 195-205. If I continue to see a loss, I could be convinced to shoot for 190, but my body type probably doesn’t allow for much more than that. It’s been an amazing, enlightening experience for me. I never would have believed I could accomplish what I did, and the program is so simple that, as long as you commit to it, you can’t help but do yourself some good. The thing I like about it the most from a marketing standpoint is that it is absolutely on the consumer to commit. The product delivers what it promises, but only if the buyer commits to the program. A buyer could never point the finger at the product and say, “This doesn’t deliver!”

Thanks so much!


Note: I happen to think Tom could get to his goal of 190 without a lot of extra effort, and I hope the word "splurge" doesn't back fire on him. According to some research, people who gain back five pounds or more are the ones who find themselves back on the slippery slope to gaining it ALL back, plus, plus.

A diet expert was in the office the other day and he said something that really nailed it: "You can do more damage in 3 minutes of eating than you can make up in three hours of exercise." While that might be an exagerration unless you're competing in a pie-eating contest, the point is clear: Weight maintenance requires lifelong eating habits that balance calories in and out. Splurging happens, but you can't let it creep into a three or four times-a-week habit. I think what's most important frankly, when considering the splurge, is that you remember how good it feels when you don't feel bloated, how good it feels when your clothes fit, how good it feels when you actually like your waistline. The splurge is much less appealing when you remember how much better "thin feels".


AZTLGRL said...

my how slippery that slope can be....

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, tell Tom, CONGRATS & WTG! It will be great if he keeps up with it and looses even more than the 190 and gets to 180. It would be amazing. As long as he keeps the maintenance and don't loose the momentum he just started, then he is on the road to Slim, Fit and healthy lifestyle.

Really funny how he mentioned the commitment we have to put into it. The other day I was at my insurance agents office and they have this wonderful picture of a swimmer. Under him it was written: "Effort. The Spirit to win and the will to excell is always measured one stroke at a time"

I can believe this is what Tom has done!

Can you share the link when the article comes out?


Neeeena said...


Anonymous said...

"3 minutes of eating" or drinking,if you live in Seattle.

Seattlites tend to go to Starbucks A LOT !! 7 days a week - twice a day even, is certianly not unheard of..... A 16oz Frappacino carrys HUGE calories and if you go Venti, well your looking at the same calories as a Quarter pounder and small fries.

And we don't even think of it as a "splurge".

Kinda FREAKED about the gaining 5lbs statistic!! NEVER - NEVER want to go back to where I was (and more? put me in my coffin now!!)

No fraps for ME!!
Sarah / SIS

TuxBaby said...

"You can do more damage in 3 minutes of eating than you can make up in three hours of exercise."

Yeah, that nails it. I did too much of that "splurging" over the last weekend and I gained 2 lbs! Too much fast food (for every meal because I was out of town) and added on the "treats" on top of that, too. My body should've gone into convulsions from the bottom-feeding, but I know I CAN undo the damage. It's just surprising how quickly the damage can be done again.

It's a good thing I enjoy all the BB programs because I **want** to push play!

Congrats to Tom- he's living the BB truth. It all works. All you gotta do is show up and do the work. And the programs all WORK. Keep it up, Tom!


Lgarnant (LouiseG) said...

That 5 pound statistic is scary to me--I just had an undisciplined 3 weeks and have gained back 5 pounds and we're heading into the dreaded holiday eating season!

I know what I need to do--so I need to just DO IT!!

Thanks for all the programs. I have tremendous respect for what you all are doing at BB--from an exercise AND nutrition standpoint.