Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Father-Daughter Dance

Last night it was the Malibu’s Who’s Who of fathers and daughters out for the annual Valentine’s Father-Daughter dance. It’s a ticket that’s so difficult to get that people were actually scalping them online and in the local Malibu weekly newspaper.

It's a fun time, preceded with a new dress and fancy hair and make-up appointment (for Ava), dinner, and then the main event; the big dance.

I’m writing about it here because, at one point in the evening, as Ava and I tried unsuccessfully to assemble one good “Macarena” and later faked it clumsily through “Born to Hand Jive,” I realized how much more fun it is to figure out moves like this when you have someone there to watch (and laugh at) you. We were sweating, jamming, and laughing at each other and the other dads as we barked in unison to "who let the dogs out?"

Later that night after Ava went to bed I thought about how so many people who get together to do Turbo Jam and Yoga Booty Ballet must have a similar experience, clumsily trying the moves first, celebrating together when they finally get it. (“Bad Kitty – Yeah!”) That's got to be a fun way to engage in body-transformation.

I think it’s possible that this is the attraction of the message boards too, where people can laugh together about how a move might appear if their were someone in the living room watching, or ask the questions about a move that they would otherwise be embarrassed to ask at a gym… “How do I swing my leg through to runner’s pose?”

I also imagine this is what we have to look forward to when we all go down to Miami for Tony’s fitness camp March 31st. We’ll be experimenting with some new moves, getting tips on the ones we never got right in the first place. And maybe someone can take me step-by-step through the Macarena.


Phyllis said...

Memories that will last both of you a lifetime Carl!!!
Ava is lucky to have you for a father.
Am I am lucky to have you as a friend, and for developing BeachBody and all of it's wonderful programs!

Phyllis aka new_ME_n_03

irish_robbie said...

Hey Carl! Sounds like you had a great dance! I am sooo with ya on the FUN in the Turbo Jam. I mean seriously..did you see the 150people in wowy on Saturday? What was at stake? A promise of $1000? Nope...just the fun of getting to JAM with our buddies...Now if that doesn't smell of PURE FUN I don't know what does! I've said it before, but I owe you guys my life!

irish_robbie said...
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leannwoo said...

That is so cool Carl! Those are things that Ava will remember for her whole life! Daddy being a huge dork and having fun. Kids don't forget the geeky stuff we do as parents. They savor it. :)

As far as learning new moves...What do you mean? I got them all down! :) bwahahhahahah! I'm all by myself in my living room afterall. I got the moves!

Oh yeah.

TuxBaby said...

That is SO great, Carl! I hope you will always be able to find time to go do events like these with her. I remember wanting my Dad to go to a Dad-Daughter Dinner with me when I was maybe a little older than Ava- and he couldn't. I know these events mean the WORLD to little girls, to have their Daddies there.

I've been blessed by your story! Keep them coming!


psalm9567 said...

Hey Carl! Long time no see! :)

Yes, I love those four little words that Chalene says, "People, bust a move!"

I love it, because I can shake and shed and shimmy and Howz'it and whatever 'til my heart's content! It's fun!!! I am going to try to get to Miami. Have to talk to the hub about the moolah. I have a ton of frequent flier miles, so maybe I have a chance...If not this time, then I am IN for a NY camp. It's about a 4 hour drive from me, so more do-able with no airport security in sight!

Okay, I'm blabbing! Have a great Friday!


Traci said...

HOW CUTE ARE YOU TWO???!?!?!?! :)

You're the BEST, Carl! :D

Moodle said...

Thank You Carl!!!


Linda Vachino said...

Hi Carl! It's Linda Vachino. Your daughter is lovely! I have a real beauty too! She is 12 going on 20!
It's been a long time. Write back if you get a moment.