Thursday, February 02, 2006

Early AM Power 90 Sculpt Tip

If getting right out of bed for a resistance workout is as difficult for you as it is for me, I wanted to share a quick tip: Use the first round as a warm-up round.

This morning I wanted to do a Power 90 Sculpt workout at 6AM... not my favorite time to go for it to "max out". But when the alarm rang, instead of blowing it off, I decided that I would use the first round of moves for pure warm up. I did just ten push-ups, grabbed lighter bands than usual for the other resistance moves, and didn't go quite as low on the lunges.

The pay-off was that by round three I was ready for my maximum. As usual, once I was warmed up I went for it, maxed out to exhaustion on each move. And the way I felt for the next four hours, I think that was plenty.

So if the morning weights are intimidating for you because it's tough to go from sleepy-time night night to strainging like you're on the "muscle & fitness magazine" cover, make that first round a comfortable wake-up round, and save the hardcore sets for rounds two, three, etc.


Anonymous said...

Great advice as always, Carl! I sometimes have to do that for the Cardio mornings as well. I start out slow, but by the end, I'm "bringing it"! BTW--noticed the two new MS workouts are now listed! Thanks a bunch!!!


leannwoo said...

I find it amazing that just when I make a decision to work out in the morning I have seen two different people give me tips on doing well on my moring workouts.

Thanks Carl. This is good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carl - I am returning to P90 workouts and this tip will help. I am planning on following for 1-2 for the first two/three weeks then to 3-4 for three/four weeks and then finishing up with MS workouts.

Enjoy the workouts and the info shared!

Thanks !
Joyce aka Sage