Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Set Aside Some Dates!

We haven't finalized all the details, but I wanted to give you as much notice as possible to plan for these upcoming fitness camps with Tony Horton.

New York, NY: July 14, 15, 16

Los Angeles, CA: Aug 11, 12, 13

Chicago, IL: Sept 15, 16 and 17

As soon as we have the plans finalized, we'll announce the details and take reservations from the MyBeachbody members and then open it up to the rest of the community if space permits.

I am still hoping you will sign up for Tony's fitness camp in Miami March 31 - April 2, but if you can't make it to that one, it will be great to get together at one of these other events.


mermandrea said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Saw Tony at the beach on Sunday and didn't have a clue as to CA dates. He even mentioned something about NOT August....

So So So happy to see some plan being made.

I'm first on the list...... This time I'll make sure that I have iron-clad dog sitting plans and will tackle the walls at Rockreation...

You ARE gonna plan for Rockreation aren't you?


Mary Mc said...


I just put the Chicago dates on my calendar. Thanks for the advance notice so I can make sure I get the time off work!

I look forward to seeing you soon in Miami! :-)


psyknife said...

Oh man, you're making me wait until September!??? Well, I guess that gives me plenty of time to save up money and to get in tip top shape, then. I'm still impatient, though... haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl, well my hubby has told me that we could make a trek down to New York with the family for a vacation around "Camp time"! He's an awesome guy!!! He knows how much I want to attend and meet all of you! Due to Cdn $$, flights, etc. the other locations just didn't fit our budget! But since we could drive down and are looking to have a summer vacation this year, New York sounds great and we should be able to swing it financially! Thanks for posting the dates!!!

Lori J
from Ontario, Canada

HarleyGuy1 said...

Bummer that I have to wait until Sept., but as Psyknife said, it will give me a chance to save up a few more pennies. I am really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah !!!! Chicago dates in September ok I will wait patiently !!! LOL

Thanks Carl - I will save save save pennies (ok nickles dimes and quarters too)

See you in September!

aka Joyce

Mary Cecy said...

Thanks for the updates on the dates. It gives me some time to save $$$ for camp and stay. It will be fun. Let me know if you are going to move it again. Want to make sure I don't miss out.

And regardless about my email/post, I am on with my wager and my goals!!


Betsy said...

Aw Carl!! What happened to the May/June date?? Now many of last year's attendees won't be able to come. :(

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find it in your heart to reschedule it back to the originally speculated May/June timeframe!

fitorbust said...

no chicago in july? ohhhhhhh bummer.. i know a lot of people looked forward to that date, and would only the mybeachbody members get the offer? what about the poor peeps like me, who only belong to the community? :(


Carl Daikeler said...

We wanted to give as much notice as possible, and the dates in Chicago were getting too tight. So we found a good weekend in September. Sorry if this doesn't work for everyone, but we're doing all we can to keep the camp concept alive, and still do what we need to do given a hectic production schedule. As for membership in MyBeachbody, they get first crack at reservations. Then it's opened up to the rest of the community. ("The benefits of membership", as they say)

Dawn said...


I want to purchase the NEW Power 90 Fat Burning Workout DVD (30 mins). Please give us the option to buy it alone without having to buy the entire Power 90 system. I already have Power 90 system. Thanks!

pamcakes said...

Last year there were rumors of Tony Horton in Vancouver, BC CANADA for a fitness camp.....was that a bunch of hooey? No camps for us canucks, huh? AH well, I'll be savin' up for LA!

gibbsk said...

Thanks for the info Carl! I'm trying for Chicago, since I couldn't afford Miami the second time around. I look forward to seeing some BB peeps!! :)

Kris (gibbsk)

psalm9567 said...


I am all over the NY camp! It's the weekend after my 35th birthday and I can't imagine a better present to myself! I think half of Traci's thread is committing to go! LoriJ and I finally get to meet! AND we get to meet Tony, AND we get to meet Traci...any chance of meeting you, too???

Start spreading the news...I'm leavin' in July...okay, you sing it from there...