Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"In Case of Boredom, Break Routine"

For those of us who have been doing Power 90 sculpt since 2000, and still enjoy its efficiency of a total body circuit in around 40 minutes, here's a little tip if you want to get away from the TV; Set-up stations around the house so you move from station to station... kind of like you're creating your own "Curves" right in your house with push-up stands, the chin up bar and resistance bands.

I did that this morning, because I just didn't feel like standing in the same spot and staring at the wall. Here's my made-up circuit, ten sets in 45 mins:

Bedroom: Push-ups - 10 reps (with Power Stands)
Guest room: Pull-ups - 5 reps (with P90X door chin up bar, multiple hand positions)
Downstairs Living Room: Biceps - 10 reps (with Green B-Lines)
Stairs: Legs - (15 steps) 10X up/down
Upstairs hallways: Abs - 20 reps (Ab ripper sequence)

I was drenched and beat after ten sets. I wouldn't advise this for a beginner, because it's helpful to have your video-trainer talking you through proper form. But "in case of boredom, break routine". Setting it up around the house made it interesting and took my mind out of it. I think I'll introduce Ava to it tomorrow morning as a psuedo-obstacle course. Should be fun!


psalm9567 said...

Hey Carl!

Sounds like fun! We were down to one DVD player for a while (I know, the horror!), so I couldn't play Tony in my basement. However, I went through the Sculpt DVD, wrote down the sequence of exercises and how many reps, put them on a clipboard, hung them on the wall, and proceeded to crank my radio to my favorite station.

Bingo! That did the trick and brought a new spring to my step, so to speak. Just even that little bit of change made me push myself a little harder and made me WANT to do every blasted push-up, even those tri's.

Here's to variety!! Cheers and have a great Wednesday!


Ps: are you going to be at the NY camp? I'm saving up my $$ so I can be there! My hub has said that if I can save the camp fee, he'll pay the rest! I'd love to meet you!

Mary Cecy said...

OMG Carl, you made me laugh. Curves!! Priceless. Just what I needed to hear to get me back. I took a week off and was sick for most of it. What a coincidence. Now I will be on the road. so you know what I need to pack. My TJ tape and follow my eating to the best.

Now I got to keep packing. My best to Ava and you!