Friday, March 03, 2006

A busy week, and a $5,000 winner

This week we started testing the new Power 90 Fat Burning Express show, shot more footage for the Slim in 6 revision (with Beachbody standout Traci Morrow playing the role of "fitness demonstration pixie"), shot a great testimonial for Yoga Booty Ballet featuring celeb YBB devotee Tori Spelling, secured an airdate to launch Kathy Smith's Project YOU on QVC on March 29th at 11AM ET, and started development of a new promotion for Turbo Jam which is going be announced in the next few weeks... plus worked on a few hundred other things.

But the fun part of the week is announcing the winner of February's $5,000 MyBeachbody Scavenger Hunt, Fabbecky, who not only was selected to win from all the entries received, but is a success story in her own right, having lost 32 pounds since she got started with Beachbody!

The contest was an interesting experiment. About 300 people played each day. 70% of the answers submitted were correct. The hardest question (which 37% of the people answered correctly) was:

Which trainer gives the tip to "Think Lean Protein"?
choices: Chalene Johnson, Steve Edwards, Tony Horton, or Debbie Siebers
> answer: Debbie Siebers

Easiest question (which 98% answered correctly) was:

Which type of information do we advise you to recorded in your private WOWY diary?
> choices: Exercise related, Diet related, Mood related, All of the above
> correct answer: All of the above

Most popular question (which 378 people answered)

One pound of fat is the equivalent of how many calories?
> choices: 3,500 calories, 3,000 calories, It ranges depending on your weight, 2,500 calories
> correct answer: 3,500 calories

(I wanted to add a question about "which of the two Beachbody co-founders is better looking?", but I got shot down... I maybe dodged a bullet there.)

Congratulations Fabbecky and everyone who won the $100 a day giveaway for playing. We'll working on some new fun ways to turn living a healthy lifestyle into cold, hard, cashola, so stay in touch!


DivaM said...

Exciting things are happening! The new P-90 spot is great! Thanks for sending it along with the photo shoot pics. During the interview I was soooo nervous. I was hoping you guys would get something usable out of the footage we shot. Sorry that I could not contribute something worthwhile. I had an amazing time! You were all so great! Thanks for the experience!!

Hey, on a side note.....I have been having a heck of a time logging into WOWY. Sometimes it is all I can do to go back and log the workouts on my WOWY callendar. It takes 15 minutes or more of waiting for it to come up and then process. Is it just me or have you heard of this happening to others? It has been going on since the beginning of February. I like marking my Xs!!

Thanks for sharing all that you guys have been working on!! Beachbody rocks!!

Blessings, Diva

Jasmine L. said...

A few months ago, you mentioned that Chalene will be working on a couple of 60 minute Turbo Jam workouts. Is it still pushing through? I enjoy her cardio a lot. Her sculpting workouts are okay; I just hope she minimizes shaking-your-booty-while-working-out-with-dumbbells. It would be great if she does Body Pump workouts instead!

Hoping to see more Kathy Smith. More advanced workouts! How about a more challenging Project You series?

Love all your fitness products!

Kelly said...

Hey Carl,

Glad you brought back the 3-payment scheme for your fitness systems like Power 90, Slim in 6, Project:You etc. It's much better than the automatic delivery system you had before.


psalm9567 said...

Big congrats to Fabbecky!! Spend some of that cash on a Tony Camp!!!

Carl, just here to wish you a great end to the week!