Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So little time, so many House Parties

A thousand Turbo Jam house parties on May 6th, to be exact! We're trying something completely new to get friends and neighbors to pull together to lose weight and get in shape in ten-day, Turbo Jam style!

Introducing the first ever Turbo Jam House Parties!
Beachbody is launching an initiative where 1,000 select Turbo Jam fans and their closest friends will get selected to throw house parties on May 6th and join Chalene Johnson in kicking off a massive ten-day Slim Down event from May 15th to May 25th.

Here's how it will work:

1. Turbo Jam customers apply to host their very own Turbo Jam House Party on May 6th inviting as many friends, coworkers, neighbors and clones to kick off their weight loss with a focused ten day effort using the Turbo Slim program.

2. What’s in it for you besides the “feel good” and peer support to achieve ten lbs of weight loss? The host gets a complete party kit, including a DVD with Chalene's personal instructions showing how she throws a house party, original TJ party soundtrack, and a DVD featuring Chalene for your guests to watch to get a feel for what they can achieve in ten days, a Beachbody backpack, plus the Turbo Jam workouts on DVD -- all free. Yes FREE!

3. Everybody at the party May 6th then gets psyched to launch into your ten-day Turbo-Slim-down. Then everybody starts the ten day challenge on the same day, May 15th.

Be A Star at The Exclusive House Party Website!At http://www.turbojam.com/HouseParty we'll feature photos, videos, party blogs and comments from our 1,000 super star TJ house party hosts. Chalene will post personal messages, tips, invitation suggestions and more at that website. And the photos will keep coming all week as people workout together, celebrate early success, and just plain jam it, "Turbo Style."

4. Ten days later, on May 25th everyone gets together again for the "weigh-out" house party. That's when the celebration continues as you and your friends see what's really possible when you all pull together, share accountability, and stick with your commitment. (And with just a couple months to summer, isn't now the time to kick your weight loss in high gear?)

And Chalene's actually coming over!
Of course, there's no way to keep Chalene at home when there’s a party goin’ on! The blonde sparkplug from the OC is flying to the weigh-In house party May 6th of the host who generates the most orders prior to May 1st. And then, the host who generates the most orders prior to May 15th will get a visit from Chalene at your party on the "Weigh-Out" day May 25th! How's that for motivation to get your friends motivated to go for it?

The Revolution Begins At Your House (at 30% off!)
This is a grand experiment, seeing if the community spirit of support and positive accountability we see online can spread with the same enthusiasm into your neighborhood. This could revolutionize fitness and weight loss. So to help make it happen we're giving each host a special discount promo code so the people who sign up can get Turbo Jam at 30% off. (We haven't seen that price since we launched this thing last summer!)

For more information, click here or log on to http://www.turbojam.com/HouseParty. (Sorry we can't accommodate everyone, but we want to make sure we get a sense of the impact and potential before or if we expand this beyond these thousand house parties.)

MyBeachbody Members Can Join In Too!
In the meantime, My Beachbody members can follow along with Chalene's intensive ten days of Turbo Slim motivation, live chats, blog and support in her corner of the site during the House Party promotion. So if you have the Jam, this is the plan: Lose up to ten pounds in ten days along with a thousand house parties all across the country -- that's something worth celebrating!!!


Mary Cecy said...

Carl, thanks and I signed up. Now I will be getting ready for this amazing party!! Can't wait. Time to plan and spread the word.

Thanks for Chat and this great opportunity.

yogagirl said...

Thanks for the great info. Just signed up to be a host. Can't wait to here back from you guys. Quick question... will our guests get there videos in time for the PARTY, since we have to wait for the special code???

Thanks again for giving us this great opportunity.


Carl Daikeler said...

To make this work, we timed everything out, and have operations/fulfillment poised to MAKE SURE people get the program in time to launch their ten day Turbo Slim program on May 15th!

I'm excited that you signed up. This is really new territory, which I think will result in people helping each other hit that key first benchmark of finishing a ten day program, which leads to the next healthy benchmark and so on. Should be interesting!

Monique2 said...

Hi Carl,
Thank you for putting up the vegetarian meal plan. :-)


yogagirl said...

Thanks for answering my question. Can't wait to get the festivities started!!!!