Friday, October 06, 2006

The Power of Intention, YBB, and Success

For those of you looking for such a thing as clarity in directing your life in a way that will make you happy, there's a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention which I want to recommend.

I especially want to recommend the book to anyone who understands that weight gain is as much a factor of habits due to underlying emotional challenges and the mentality that leads to those habits as it is the superficial physical consequence of poor diet and lack of exercise.

So often I see people lose a lot of weight, focusing on the prize of attending a camp or submitting their success story to Beachbody, and then, once achieved, the underlying habits creep back in because they were never explored. More often than not, the relapse can be traced back to the intentions (or lack thereof) which cold have guided a person's conscious and subconscious choices to transform inside and out. This book can go a long way to helping you understand how to rewire or manage your intentions, and steer your life by what really will give you 'a life you'll love to live' for the long term, not just at the next meal.

That's one of the impressive things about the Yoga Booty Ballet series, frankly. With the very first program, Gillian and Teigh don't just plow into the workout assuming you are getting started with your mind focused on your true intent, they take a moment and ask you to set your intent. Whether it's weight loss, happiness, health, relaxation, or simply a firm booty (hello!), they open the first workout with a moment to stop, and they ask you to "set your intention."

It's a powerful step to add to exercise, or even to type into the comment box as you log into WOWY, because it will literally change your demeanor as you focus not just on the work of the workout, but the benefit that YOU want to achieve on a deeper level.

Of course it doesn't have to be exclusive to exercise either. You can take a moment to set your intention "Yoga Booty Style" before any meal or activity. Imagine if you stopped to set your intention before you walked into a restaurant or went grocery shopping! The outcome would be consistency and honor of your commitment to yourself. String enough concerted intention-motivated actions together, and you achieve the success you want, on your terms!

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nick said...

Hi Carl,

Last Friday I attended a great motivational conference here in NYC, featuring speakers such as Lance Armstrong, President Clinton, Michael Eisner, and Mark Burnett, among others. One prevalent theme among all the speakers was "intention before attention." I believe their point dealt with having a plan of attack before deciding to take on any kind of project. Just take a few moments to focus your needs in your present situation and then act. It will save you a world of hurt later on, I believe.
Bring it!