Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Get the kids! Time to get scared straight

One of the fun things about having a blog is breaking the conventional expectations of what a "CEO Blog" is supposed to be about.

How about a little dentistry?

8AM... Nice and numb -- five novacaine shots to start the morning in preparation to replace three teeth that I neglected as a kid. I think I picked the wrong day to wear white.

Between drilling sessions, I ask the dentist whether it's really THAT important to floss your teeth every day. His reply confirms my suspicion: "Actually no! Only floss the ones you want to keep."

11AM and molding of new teeth begins... 3 innocent neglected teeth, now drilled and dug and molded and then drilled and filed again. Kids, when your parents tell you that brushing two times a day matters, BOTH before bed and in the morning, believe 'em.

5 hours later and it's finally done. Exhausting, but done. Until the permanent teeth are ready that is, and I then go through this again to finish the job.

I started to feel sorry for myself when the novacaine wore off, and then realized how silly that was, as in fact, these are my teeth. I was the one that ate the junk and didn't floss when I was a kid. So there's no victim here but my bank account.

Taking responsibility helps the pain go away.


TuxBaby said...

Oh **shudder**...

I'm SOO not a fan of dental work! But I do know how important it is for good health. I'm glad you survived today! I hope your next visit to finish up won't be near as bad.


psalm9567 said...

Oh, Carl, I can so relate to this blog!! Not actually for myself, but for my children. Micah is 7 and already had a crown put on one molar! When the tooth formed, it did so without half of the enamel needed. She also had four fillings!! Owen, too, had two fillings and he's only four!

The dentist said it's genetics more than anything else, because my children eat very healthfully and we do brush and floss twice a day. (sigh) He's already told me to expect braces for Owen...$$$

So, thanks for a very real blog entry. I think you get major points for posting a pic of you all numb and smiley!! :)

Take care,

Angela said...

Ask your dentist (the next time that you go back) about the relation between flossing your teeth and acute heart attacks. My dentist told me that there is now a direct correlation, kind of like this... in one year of not flossing and brushing your teeth can build up enough plaque to cover one of your entire palms. That much plaque built up in your body is not good for your heart (obviously).

Read this article to find out more about it:

And let the guilt go and be happy that you are smart enough to actually do something about it.


Traci said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that, but your pictures are one of the funniest things I've seen on a blog in a very looong time!! lolol

You are a funny, funny super hero, Aquaman! :)