Friday, October 13, 2006

Tunahaki AFRICA Orphanage - UPDATE!

Just one month until the kids from Tunahaki get on a plane for the first time in their lives, headed to Los Angeles to visit Beachbody, perform for schools in the area, and tour multiple locations that will inspire them to reach new heights with their acrobatics thanks to Cirque Du Soleil and others.

The photos below were sent to the organizer of the fundraising efforts (including Beachbody and some of it's community of incredible customers) to build a new orphanage for these kids. You can still give too at!

David with Freddy (a helper at Tunahaki) on their new land you've helped them purchase by giving at!

"Asante Sana Fifer! Asante Sana!"

(They'll being saying the Swahili 'thank you' to everyone who helps them achieve their dream of helping these kids by giving at

Dear Scott,

What a site the land is! The view and fresh air are magnificent and David couldn't be happier. The cement posts around the perimeter are the beginnings of a fence on the property line - the tree, which will remain, is right in the middle of the land. The space is huge and I can only imagine how many new children will be able to live there safely when it is complete. You've done good my friend. - Mason

Mason will be Podcasting from Tanzania, Africa from
Oct. 8th - Nov. 4th at Tunahaki The Film


TBone Lowrider said...

Dude I c you are everywhere!
I am very proud of you.

irish_robbie said...

That is freaking awesome Carl!!! What a GREAT thing this is!!!!

Talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I am a single mom of two beautiful boys ages 11 and 14 and I am headed to Africa in June with them to show them what a beautiful place it is and to show them how powerful they can decide to be now, as children, in connecting and helping and learning...and loving! We cannot wait to play drums with the kids at Tuna Haki on the second day we arrive and to bring them and to come with gifts for this amazing place! I know it will change my boy's lives in the way they see the world. You have done such great work and we are happy and honored to help!