Friday, January 05, 2007

Our First $1,000 WOWY Winner!

What a week! Yes, we're still ironing out/testing some issues with the Million Dollar Body site to get it all live, but in the meantime, WOWY is on fire.

1,179 people worked out in WOWY yesterday -- I think that's a record. And we seem to be adding 100 or more new participants a day this week.

It doesn't hurt that people have started to see that we are truly giving away real cash and prizes, including $1,000 to our first "mystery day" winner, member "2007HIBride!"

One thing I've noticed working out this week is how important it is to be a member of a few select WOWY groups. That way, when you log in to workout, you're grouped with the same people, and you start to see who is working out in the same hour as you. The group "Turbo Jammers" is the most dominant right now, but "Slim in 6 Newbies" and "MySpacers" are making a strong showing. The "Agent Xers" group has the most consistent WOWY turnout per member, and is likely to be the most help if you ever get surrounded by thugs in a dark alley.

The judging has begun on the first MDB Club success story contest where we'll be giving away $26,000 to a group of eight winners for January, including $10,000 to the best male and the best female success story of the month! Once the final tallies are in from the judges and the announcements are ready, we should have the first big reveal in early February. Meanwhile, make sure to keep your member page updated and submit your before with a current (taken that month) after-photo by February 1st to be considered for the February contest.

Things are happening! And I am looking forward to seeing the WOWY numbers grow as more of the community catch on to the reality of how easy it is to log in and be eligible to win the daily contest, and how helpful it is to have a close-knit group of buddies to look for you online each day.

For that matter - I'll see you in WOWY at 7AM PT Saturday!


Tina K. said...

It's been amazing to see the new faces in WOWY this week!!! A quick question, how long will the daily contest run on WOWY? And I can't wait to see which of the friendly faces wins this month's success stories!!! :D

Tina K.

Carl Daikeler said...

The daily contest will just run, oh, ALL YEAR LONG EVERY DAY!

Lisa Decker Griffith said...

This new WOWY contest is so exciting! What an awesome idea. I love seeing who wins each day and have even seen someone I know win! Before you know it we'll all be saying "Obesity problem? What obesity problem?" Thanks, Carl for thinking outside the box!
-Lisa DG,(CoachLisa)

TuxBaby said...

Love, love love being a part of the Agent 007 Xers!!! I think that with the motivation of this huge group, I will finish the P90X this time around!


moviefan said...

Thanks for the shout to the X'ers. We are a great group of people, and all we want is to BRING IT!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you are fortunate enough to win a monthly success story can you submit another picture before the end of the year contest because we will be much leaner than the current picture we submitted?

Carl Daikeler said...

Yes, in fact that will be a requirement in order to qualify; current photos to validate the entry. Those details should be posted soon in the rules.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl. When can we expect to buy the hip hop abs program and how much will it be? Thanks.

WhitingFamily said...

Hey, I have 2 friends and a brother in law who are dying to see the P90X infomercial. Is there any way to watch it online? Do you have a programming schedule posted anywhere?
Steph Whiting
aka BeCrazy

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl. I just want to say that I am so thankful for Beachbody. Right now Turbo Jam is my current program and I have been faithfully working out for 4 months..actually, today is day 120!!!
I just want to say thank you for the incentive to keep me going each and everyday. It was so cool that 2007HIbride won the $1000 last week..especially since we were wowying COOL!! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for helping us fight obesity and self destruction!!!

Heather Haile mommaof22004

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,

I just want to thank you and Beachbody for the Million Dollar Body game what a great incentive! I'm on day 70 of my first round of P90. I've done Turbo Jam and Slim and 6 before this.

I was thinking of doing either Master Series or Debbie's new workout if it's availible. Any release date on it yet?


psyknife said...

Agent X'ers rock! Go us! We've got the best gun show in town (so, yeah, those thugs best look out for us) :-)