Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today is Thursday, and so far this week we still have not seen a thousand dollar daily prize winner in the Million Dollar Body Game.

The $1,000 mystery day is still alive this week!
So as you consider whether you workout or not the rest of this week, especially as the numbers tend to get a little light over the weekend, remember that the big bucks are still on the table!

(I know it's really about getting healthy and fit, losing weight and getting toned, but a thousand smackers is a thousand smackers! I'm just saying!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

I'm excited about the new format and it is helping me to continue to commit to a healthy lifestyle and a thousand smackers wouldn't be too bad either. If I win I already have it planned out that I am going to purchase a couple of new workouts I haven't tried yet from BB.

I also signed up as a coach today so I'm excited to spread the word about the amazing life changing experience the BB products can have when you follow through with the commitement. Sorry I couldn't make it out to see you last month, hopefully I will have another chance to see you when I pick up that $250,000 check for having the most amazing transformation ever.

Your friend.

Chris Girard