Monday, January 01, 2007

Why Are You Working Out Today?

(A message to myself)


You've started a new workout program on January 1st since you were 14. Some years you've gotten in shape, for a while. Some years you didn't. Each year you learn.

Today you are working out for three reasons:

1) To feel good, to be healthy and lean.
2) To show other people that it's possible to make fitness a part of a very busy life.
3) To build your business on a wave of individual involvement. It starts with you.

This is a big year. Put the music on. Let's get started.

Bring It,



STXjill said...

Great message, Carl. You're right, 2007 is gonna be a FANTASTIC year!

Anonymous said...

Carl, speaking of new workout programs, when can I order the new hip hop abs due out soon? In your last post about them you said around 2 weeks and that was a month ago. Any idea? Thanks, I am really wanting to try these. Kimmi

Carl Daikeler said...

Serves me right -- I am told Hip Hop Abs will now be out "by the 15th", although we are hoping the first batch of DVD's gets here early next week so we can launch sooner.

psyknife said...

2007 is going to rock! We'll all be in it together :-)

Anne said...

2007! How did that happen? This begins my 6th year with Beachbody. In my workout journal that I kept the first time I did P90, one of the things I wrote about half way through was.."I am with Beachbody for life." That program made such a significant difference in my life.
I'm here...because of the workouts, my friends on the forums, WOWY. I don't want to go back to where I was 5 years ago! So I'm stayin'! :)

Anne D

B health e said...

Carl, I am the CEO of a medical device manufacturing company and I am strongly considering doing a company wide offer/challange to do P90X as a company. We have a little less than 100 employees and we are growing very fast. I feel we could benefit getting everyone working on personal fitness to balance the professional efforts. I would really like to talk to you about how we could together to make this an event within my company and possibly yours. If interested, how can I get in touch?

Carl Daikeler said...

The best way to reach me is through the "contact us" button in the bottom right of the home page.