Friday, February 16, 2007

"Daddy, where do extreme workout videos come from?"

Now that people are seeing P90X on TV and featured in MDB Winners segments, people are starting to recognize that P90X is unlike any DVD workout series ever created. Which means, it's even more meaningful to share the evolution of the program now than it was when we started.

The production department is digitizing and uploading the "Making Of P90X" videos which were created by award winning filmmaker Ned Farr. Ned followed us into all meetings, through production and design, and then assembled the hours of reality footage into an amazing series that show just how complex and challenging the development process can be. He then built them into the most compelling and unique infomercial ever created. Thanks to Ned's focus, P90X redefined the infomercial.

When a group of creative people are all determined to make spectacular videos, supplements, a very effective diet guide, and a game-changing infomercial, there will be fireworks.

Chapter One "Guys in Blue Shirts" went up on YouTube last night, and while the compression quality needs to be refined, it's still fun to travel back in time to the very first conversation we ever had with Tony Horton about the product. I think you'll enjoy it!

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