Friday, April 27, 2007

The Drive for 500!

To celebrate the release of Debbie's new Slim Series Express, and as I finally re-engage in the Beachybod-a-thon, there is a big celebration and record breaking event coming up: Saturday May 5th -- There's an extra $500 WOWY giveaway for people working out between 10Am and 11AM ET/7AM - 8AM PT!

That means in addition to the normal WOWY prize of up to $1,000 for the day, there will be ANOTHER $500 prize to someone working out between 10AM and 11AM Saturday 5/5 -- cinco de mayo!

The goal is to break the current WOWY record of 331 from 2006, and hit a new all time high of over 500 people working out at the same time -- it's the "Drive for 5 -- hundred!"

I am hoping all of our MDB coaches will participate and use this event to find a friend or family member that wants to make the last dash to summer by saying to them - "Do It With Me!", and maybe you, or they - will win $500 - So I'll see you Saturday!

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