Tuesday, April 24, 2007

P90X Ch 21. The Quest Group

We launched a second, larger test group to validate the results of the corporate group. People of all ages with all sorts of jobs stepped up, and took on the challenge that is the X!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Carl! I'm loving seeing all these "Making the X" videos again! It's what got me to purchase them in the first place! I hear the new P90X infomercial is being broadcasted now! I haven't seen it yet. I've seen Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs and Slim in 6, but no P90X! Is there any place online to view these???

How's the arm??? Working out yet??? I've got a video of you and Tony dancing on www.myspace.com/teachermum as well as other vids from Chicago if your interested. I hope it was OK to post those there. Let me know if I should remove them. I thought it would be good for peeps to see the fun!

Thanks, Carl for all you do to help Canada and America and the World get healthy and stronger than ever! I for one sure do appreciate all that BB has accomplished over the years! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome company!!! :)

Lori J

P90X is Awesome! said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you that I love the videos that you post on your blog

Sharad said...

Great post Carl. Do you have a contact form for getting in touch? Been looking around for a way to email/contact and can't seem to find it anywhere -