Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MDB-TV has arrived!

The Million Dollar Body TV team has broken exciting new ground this week. Vice President of programming, Scott Salik and his team launched the new MDB-TV game channel to make it easier for members to see and forward our MDB success story videos as we march our way into the second half of the year qualifiers for the big grand prize give away!

That means that as they add new videos, you can get automatic notification by email, on your iGoogle page, etc. so you never miss a game update. And as the competition enters the second half of the year, it will only get more exciting to watch who is making progress as each monthly winner competes for their share of $800,000 in success story grand prizes!

There is a lot about this player which is fantastic:
- You can now watch the videos full screen!
- You can now email the videos
- You can embed the videos in a blog or MySpace page
- MDB Coaches can send the videos to customers and prospects and the link will hold their coach information. That means when people start to get inspired by these incredible success stories and then decide to join the club – the coach will be hard-wired to that transaction and get the full 50% commission on club fees! Same goes when people who click through to purchase a product – the coach who sent the video gets the commission!

As we continue to celebrate the success of our customers who are getting fit and losing weight, the hope is that with your help, we’ll inspire people, and make it easier and more profitable for people to join to help coach those customers who "get it".

Million Dollar Body is gaining real momentum. This is an idea and a community whose time has come. We have more channels with new content that will be available to club members soon, like trainer tips from Tony, Chalene, Debbie, and Shaun T, plus cooking segments, and a bunch of videos for coaches plus some other purely fun stuff all set to launch throughout the summer.

Watch it grow at MDB-TV!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! As a coach, the marketing possibilities are very exciting!

An MDB Coach