Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Upside Down Fitness

As a marketer, I like to think I can get inside the head of a prospective customer and understand the appeal of a product or service... but ever since I heard about strip aerobics and pole dancing workouts, I have been at a loss to understand the appeal.

Is it fitness? Is it voyeurism combined with exhibitionism? I really just don't get it.

If this were to be turned into a fitness DVD series, I suppose the eating plan would be a bowl of peanuts with a two drink minimum.


Anonymous said...

Pole dancing workouts??? I'm speechless...I mean, how would you market the pole? Where would you put it in your house? You'd probably be sued from people falling off the pole and breaking their heads open! Anything for a buck, I suppose...

Just stick to great BB workouts, MohawkMan!


Virginia said...


I actually know somebody who does these types of workouts. She likes the whole "sexy" factor. Somehow my brain doesn't scream that...it screams "concussion!"

I'll stick with P90X and marathons.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I think Carl just wanted an excuse to put three half naked ladies hanging upside down on his blog. Just kidding, Carl!

Robert aka HarleyGuy1

TuxBaby said...

Have you ever tried to hang off a pole like that? Or try to spin on one without falling SPLAT on the floor?? It actually takes quite a bit of muscle control!

Not that I've ever TRIED pole dancing. I'm doing enough just trying to climb up a simple pole like I used to be able to do years ago in PE in elem. school!

But I have to agree with Robert... Carl just wanted a reason to put those ladies on his blog! ;-)