Thursday, July 19, 2007

American Inventor Judge Now A Million Dollar Body Coach!

The Million Dollar Body network has a new, high-octane celebrity coach: Pat Croce!

Pat was one of my heroes growing up. He used to be on the morning radio shows in Philadelphia as the motivation guy - inspiring people to greet each day with absolute enthusiasm for what they can achieve. Ask him how he's doing and he'll always respond with his signature "I'm GREAT!" To listen to him speak is to discover real human potential. This guy makes life look fun because that's the way he lives it.

I was lucky enough to meet Pat a few years ago through mutual friend Pete Albert, and we have stayed in touch since. The launch of Million Dollar Body happened to coincide with Pat's launch of his site, and he agreed that his brand of health and fitness motivation was a match with what we are creating at Million Dollar Body. So now, people who get turned on by Pat's way of embracing "the possible" of life have a great outlet to help them get healthy, get fit, and earn great money; Million Dollar Body!

Our core purpose at MDB parent Product Partners is to "Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy fulfilling life." I've seen Pat live that in everything he does, from the companies he's built, to the books he's written, to his management of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, to shows he's appeared in like the current ABC network hit "American Inventor." He is a human achievement machine.

Pat was in LA to shoot American Inventor this week and we got together to talk about MDB. After the lunch he got up and said "All I needed was to sit across from you guys and see that you and this concept are for real. Let's blow this thing up!"

This is a real validation for me that we're creating something revolutionary here. Pat Croce doesn't do anything small time. As we count down to naming the first "Top Coach" of the month to come with us to Hawaii next year, and as weekly commission checks are growing week after week, I am certain that being an MDB coach will get more people healthy and help more people earn a substantial income than we have dared to forecast!

To give you a good sense of how perfect a fit Pat's approach to life is to Million Dollar Body, check out Pat Croce's 5 steps to a better life:
1. Pause each day to look in a mirror and give yourself a positive message. Focus on something you did well the previous day. “If you can start patting yourself on the back once a day — instead of kicking yourself in the butt — you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.”

2. Keep a “victory journal” to list each day’s tiny triumphs. For example: If you vowed to avoid fatty foods and exercise today, and got it done, celebrate with a “victory moment” as you write down the deed.

3. Exercise vigorously for four hours a week. Split it up any way you want. “But I want you to spend half your exercise time on aerobic activity (jogging, brisk walking, swimming, racquetball, etc.) and the other half on strengthening activity (weightlifting, working out on exercise machines, etc.).” Get your doctor’s OK first.
4. Indulge yourself from time to time — then get back on track. If a bad day leaves you yearning for ice cream to fend off the blues, go ahead. “But before you go to bed that night,” adds Mr. Croce, “I want you to put an expiration date on that self-pitying behavior. And when you wake up the next morning, I want you to remember your goals and start working on them again.”

5. Accept that you can’t change your fitness or health overnight. “All I’m suggesting is that you do the little things that will slowly begin to improve your life. Walk briskly for 40 minutes a day. Put the cigarette back in the pack. Eat only half the food they serve you on that ‘super-size’ restaurant plate. Achieve these tiny triumphs one by one, and you’ll gradually transform your life!”

Welcome to the team Pat, and thanks for believing in the Million Dollar Body opportunity!


Anonymous said...

It is great to have someone of Pat Croce's caliber working with us. I have always admired his intensity in business and in life. I look forward to meeting him someday. Take care, Carl.

Robert aka Harleyguy

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Pat's books! What a great guy! Great news Carl!

Judy (aka cani)

LuckyLynda said...

Welcome as an official Coach Mr. Croce.
I believe you'll bring a great perspective to the community, and as a coach will touch many lives here.

John said...

This is great. I've been impressed with Mr. Croce and have read one of his books. Can't wait to hear more.


extremebody said...

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I will continue to push play each and every day.