Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Peek At The Plus

We're getting closer by the week... P90X+ is in the final push to DVD replication.

The Beachbody billing for this move is the "Cherry Bomb!", and for superman-banana fans, this one will be a favorite!

And these are Tony's Hanging Up and Overs...

For those who have asked (and you know who you are!) here is some additional info on P90X+

- Yes, all the workouts come with the "no-music" option. But this stuff is by Jason Scheff of Chicago baby!

> Trainer Tracks: Our most detailed hyper-specific professional trainer tips from Tony Horton to help you achieve perfect form and better results

- 5 workouts on 4 DVD's
> Interval X Plus (40 min)

> Kenpo Cardio Plus (40 mins)

> Upper Plus (40 mins)

> Total Body Plus (45 mins)

> Abs/Core Plus(20 mins)

- The price will be under $12 a workout -- 2 payments of $29.95 + s&h (Coaches and MDB Club members get 25% and 10% off, respectivelly of course)

Also includes:

> P90X+ Guidebook: outlining 4 different 90-Day schedules for Maintenance, Classic +, Lean+, and X+ Doubles, etc.

> Quick Start Guide

> Downloadable Workout Sheets

> On sale mid/late December 2007... (The programming of these DVD's is more intricate than prior programs, so it's taking longer... but they're better, and extremer, if that's a word, so no Beachbody complaints!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

I am so excited about P90X+. I have used P90X for almost 2 years and it is awesome. Keep the hardcore fitness DVDS comming.
Matt C

Anonymous said...

O MY GOSH! This is going to be fantabulous!!! Carl, you guys over in BB heaven have really outdone yourselves (once again!). I love how you're packaging this "Monster", including a guidebook and providing worksheets for us! A BIG THANK YOU! Much appreciate that!!! :) :) :)

I'm standing in line..... It'll be worth the wait!!!

Lori J

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!! Can we pre-order? Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! w00t!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl:

Are you planing to have the product available first for Coaches, then for general public?

Also, are you guys sending us coaches a notification to let us know when the program is available?

I'm looking forward to ordering them as soon as they become available

This program has done wonders for me. You can check my coaching page at


Jose Ruiz - jose001

Happiness Within said...

I am Xtremely Xcited! LOL

deana said...

Sign me up!

I can't wait! Woo-hoo!!

thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...


Me again! ;)

I listen to Jillian Michaels' radio show on KFI AM online. Her latest episode (about 3/4 of the way in), she recommends P90X. She said, "There is this guy...his name is Tony Horton...he is El Bombo...The Bomb". She mentions P90X and Beachbody. I thought it was great! You've probably already heard about it....but if you do! :) Looking forward to the "+"!!!

Lori J

Anonymous said...

OOPS!!! I forgot to give you the link....duh!

Here it is:

It's the one from 12/2 "Rock & Roll diet for men". Again it's about 3/4 of the way in.

Take care,

Lori J