Friday, November 09, 2007

Let's Make Mickey A Coach

In case you were wondering if this obesity trend is for real, and whether it's time to stop looking for the next quick fix scam and to start choosing the kind of solutions we offer at Million Dollar Body and Beachbody, check this out: "It's A Fat World Afterall."

Louise Gold from our finance department forwarded this link to me which tells how society is getting so large, that we're "bottoming out" some of the rides at Disney's theme parks!

It's no laughing matter. Imagine the embarrassment a person would feel knowing they were responsible for hanging up an entire boat of sightseers. And you know when the obesity is that extreme, diabetes is not far off. It has to be an awful feeling physically and emotionally. And those are the exact complaints that drive Beachbody product development.

Imagine how excited that person might be to know there was a place where they could plug into legitimate programs that are proven to work that would gracefully help them lose the weight, with a diet plan that is simple, and a community that will help them stay with it when the going gets tough. MDB coaches represent the Beachbody tools that make a healthy choice a reality.

One thing is for sure, the timing could not be better for a business opportunity that truly contributes to the health of our society. Perhaps the "happiest place on earth" could also be the best place to recruit new customers and coaches!

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Tony Horton said...


I read that article and nearly fell out of my boat. I couldn't agree with you more. The time is NOW for helping people get their lives back and be part of a health, fitness and financial solution.