Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The "Opportunity" Cities

Here's the dubious list of the most obese cities in America, as posted on Forbes.com:

1. Memphis, Tenn.: 34%
2. Birmingham, Ala.: 31.3%
3. San Antonio, Texas: 31.1%
4. Riverside/San Bernardino, Calif.: 30.8%
5. Detroit: 30.4%
6. Jacksonville, Fla.: 29.8%
7. Nashville, Tenn.: 28.8%
8. Oklahoma City: 27.5%
9. Kansas City, Mo.: 26.9%
10. San Diego, Calif.: 26.7%
11. Cincinnati, Ohio: 26.3%
12. Indianapolis: 26%
13. (Tie) Baltimore: 25.8%
13. (Tie) New Orleans: 25.8%
13. (Tie) Virginia Beach, Va.: 25.8%
16. Atlanta: 25.6%
17. (Tie) Milwaukee: 25.4%
17. (Tie) Richmond, Va.: 25.4%
18. (Tie) Austin, Texas: 24.9%
18. (Tie) Las Vegas, NV: 24.9%

That's the level of obesity. You know just outside of that clinical statistic is a population who are not pleased with their health and fitness. This opportunity is enormous. People need what we have created!

And the most amazing thing to me is, our Million Dollar Body business is growing the FASTEST in the number 18 city, Las Vegas! If that continues, I would not be surprised that Las Vegas could be on the other side of the spectrum next year, as one of the fittest cities in the US... (Now there's a goal Coach Couch!)

For anyone wondering if there's a real opportunity at Million Dollar Body, the percentages of obese people within these populations are proof enough. People NEED the effective, sensible approach to fitness, portion control, and peer support that is ONLY available at Million Dollar Body!


Daphne (chickiebabe) said...

Carl, that makes my skin crawl. I am near Detroit. Bring it on!
Daphne M. (chickiebabe)

CoachCouch said...

We just hit 2 Million people, no problem...