Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where's Señor?

Now that P90X is once again attracting thousands of customers a week into the world of extreme home fitness gone wild (No complaints here -- we just never expected there to be this kind of ongoing demand of a program this intense) I thinks it's time to let you in on a little secret... The secret of Señor Mysterioso.

Ned Farr is the filmmaker who crafted the look and feel of P90X and covered the "making of" for two years. His infomercial is redefining the art form.

One day a few years ago we threw a birthday party for Ned at my house. One of the gifts was an "action figure" who kinda looks like a four inch version of musician Leon Redbone. His name, Señor Mysterioso.

When we got to shooting the P90X videos, the fascination with Señor only grew... to obsession.

As you follow P90X, faithfully bringing it with passion and enthusiasm, keep an eye out. Señor Mysterioso is somewhere different on set in every video. (On one though he is there, but not visible. Oh yes, he is so mysterioso. You can guess where he is if you like.)

Interestingly, others around the globe have had their own encounters with Señor.

Continue to push play, bring it hard, and bring it often, and keep your eye on the set of P90X for the international man of mystery and intrigue, Señor Mysterioso.

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