Saturday, January 26, 2008

Make February Count!

Ok coaches, it's time to put it into high gear! February coming, and it's "go time". Time to take it up a notch. Time to eat clean, to make sure you're consistent with your supplement regimen, to share the solution of pushing play, eating right, and supporting eachother with people who want to feel better about themselves by summer.

This is the month. if you're going to coach, it's time to coach!

Set your goals. Talk to YOUR Coach. And go for it...

For me, February goes like this:

> 20 Workouts in 30 Days

> Make sure I eat right to build my metabolism

> Coach at least 3 new people how to get results with the Beachbody system: In short, that system is (1) Push play at least 20 times in 30 days (2) Eat right - for many that's as simple as replacing one meal a day with a shake (3) be accountable by taking your measurements every 30 days, sharing this system, and helping keep other motivated... It's a daily routine... I call it "Play, shake and share"

For you, that should also mean submitting your story to the Million Dollar Body Game on both February 1st and March 1st... You never know!

The Coach Summit and finale of the 2007 Million Dollar Body Game is a month away, and Tony, Chalene, and Shaun T will be pushing the coaches who attend in a couple intense group workouts. It's going to be fun, and I want everyone to be there and ready to bring it with intensity!
Set your goals now. Make a plan of how you can "Play, Shake and Share" every day until the Summit. And make February count!

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