Thursday, December 27, 2007

P90X, Now in Plus Sizes!

P90X+ is now available to everyone! (Oh yes, it is so sweet.)

The reviews we've heard from Million Dollar Body coaches who have had a couple weeks to play with the Plus are shocking and revealing:

"Are you kidding me?"

"Please, make it stop."

"Thanks to Tony, now I can chew nails!"

And my favorite... "Before P90X+ I didn't even know I had that muscle... Now I have two!"

The Beachbody crew has posted downloadable workout sheets for P90X and for P90X+ so you can bring it, recover, and bring it again!


Alice said...

Oh yeah, felt those DVDs all over. Who knew...

jesse perry said...

Hey man! Any chance on getting the PowerStands back in stock? They're gone already! :D

Carl Daikeler said...

We've got them on order! Everytime we stock up, they go. It's like we by more than we think we need, and poof - they go. We'll get 'em!

Anonymous said...

I'm anxiously awaiting P90X+! I hope I'm up for it! :-)

Those powerstands are awesome!!! I had a wrist issue recently, and without the powerstands, I wouldn't be able to do pushups! The stands make then harder, but BOY! Did I feel those chest muscles later! That extra range of motion really works!

Judy (aka cani)

Tina (TinaKline) said...

Just finished Kenpo Cardio+ and after doing these for 3 days I am sore all over - in a good way of course! :) These are AWESOME! Now I WILL have that 6 pack! LOL

freo43 said...

Carl - Love the blog.
Just a note re P90X+ , I put my name on your p90x website to be notified when it was released, but haven't been notified.. Happened to read your blog today and found out it's here already! I wonder how many other potential buyers don't know about it yet?

Carl Daikeler said...

We checked, and your email address WAS on there... Maybe check your spam floder?

Missye K.C. said...

I did the Kenop Cardio+ last week and MAN!!!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it....but I'm not gonna lie, I was breathing like a winded horse in just 15 MINUTES what a usual 30-45 minute workout would do to me. WOW!!! Hurts so good, though!!!! :):):)

Anonymous said...

Hey, im a 20 yr old female in canada and im also a competative cheerleader. I have almost completed 4 weeks of p90X and have lost 8 lbs already and have notices an increase in my physical fitness and muscle tone every week. I love this program and am so glad it was created. I worked with a personal trainer before and I prefer these workouts, and i like not having to drive to the gym in the freezing cold!

Anonymous said...

Hey P90X'ers

Can someone tell me where the work out sheets are for P90X CLASSIC???
All I find are P90X Doubles & P90X Lean. Neither match-up with the Classic workout order of workouts & exercises.