Thursday, February 21, 2008

Connect Your Desires To Action

Whether it's making more money, transoforming your body, or helping the people around you get healthy, I wrote about the motivational benefits of "layering your desires" a couple weeks ago.

I've given that a lot of thought - like constantly - since that post. What I now call "Motivation Multipliers" is the power you get when faced with a choice;

"Do I eat the entire bowl of ice cream, or don't I?"

You want the gratification of that bowl of ice cream, no doubt. So how do you resist?

You multiply the motivation of your desires, and connect that motivation to ACTION.

For me, here's how it would go.

Reasons to eat the ice cream
1. I want to enjoy something sweet. I deserve it.

Reasons NOT to eat the ice cream
1. I want my jeans to fit better.
2. I want to have good energy, and a sugar spike always shuts me down
3. I want to build this business - and gorging on ice cream does not support the idea of walking the talk
4. I want to stay off the cholesterol drugs (I have high cholesterol) to preserve my kidneys and liver, so I don't need the combo of sugars and cream
5. I don't want to teach my daughter the habit of using ice cream as a reward/escape.
6. I want to feel confident and lean this summer on the beach

1 reason to eat it. 6 reasons not to.

Now it's worth it to find an alternative which won't run counter to my six reasons but which actual support them. A piece of fruit, a healthy shake, or simply reassessing my desire to eat something sweet are all ACTIONS that support my DESIRES.

If you ever saw that movie "The Secret", I really think that's what the point was. The more you focus on your desires, and link your actions to those desires, the more probable it is you will get what you want.

I read a great line in a Richard Bach book once: "Everything is exactly as it is for a reason. The crumb on your table is not some mystical reminder of this morning's cookie. It is there because you have chosen not to remove it. No exceptions"

For my purposes in the Beachbody world I would restate it like this: "Your body is exactly as it is for a reason. The additional inches around your waistline is not some curse or result of a genetic defect. They are there because you have made choices which kept it there. No exceptions"

Same goes for your financial condition, the trend of obesity, the state of our healthcare, etc. We are not the victims of our situation. We created the situation. We are also free to be more conscious of our multiple DESIRES to change these conditions, and to take action that supports our new desires.

Being aware of your desires when it comes time to make a choice, I mean REALLY aware of them, is how you can more easily take action that best serves your desires.

In the instance of the ice cream, I am serving my highest desires by finding an alternative choice. It's not evil or bad to have the ice cream. It's just not serving what I desire. I am not going to attack and judge myself for having ice cream. But I also have no right to complain about how long it is taking me to achieve my desires.

Escaping through sensual gratification is the hardest thing to give up. But if you are actively conscious of more of your desires than your desire to escape or "get a fix", you will have a better chance of achieving your goals -- in fact I know you'll have a better chance of surpassing your wildest goals, and enjoying the the process.

Connect your Desires to your Actions, and you will get the body, the health, and the lifestyle you want.

That's the point of coaching at Beachbody: You multiply your motivation by being aware of how they connect, and you put yourself in a position to take action on all that motivation where every action can serve your mutiple desires. That's efficiency, and the path to success!

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WhitingFamily said...

Blogging at it's best! LOVE this idea. I love how you go into detail and how we are what we are because we have made certain choices. We all know it to be true, but the way you explained it is fabulous. Keep up the great work, love reading your blog.