Monday, February 18, 2008

The Real Winners

The list of finalists for the Million Dollar Body Game is now posted inside the club for members to vote. (If you vote, choose wisely, because once you voted, you voted.)
Each of the four men and women on this page have already won $50,000 for being the top overall selection in their category. That's pretty exciting! And one man and one woman will take away $250,000 on March 7th. That's crazy!

The selection process was fascinating. We learned so much about the value of the coach/customer relationship. We learned that so many people have to overcome so much to get healthy. Even with all the tools at our fingertips, it is not easy. But in every case, the rewards are a revelation.

The judges kept the promise to celebrate not just the best "after" photo in choosing these finalists, but to pay attention to the entire journey. The quality of photos, the visibility of the transformation, the quality and content of video, the healthy nature of the transformation, and the essays were all considered as the judges selected the finalists over a grueling week of review.

The most difficult thing for all the judges was knowing that, while every person was an inspiration for achieving great health, not EVERYONE could win the money.

This is where coaches are so important. We can't let the contest be anything more than a fun aspect of the overall experience of Team Beachbody. We can't let the competition pollute the spirit of teamwork, support, and positive benefits of staying active and getting good nutrition. That's the message of everything we do -- whether you won $300 for working out in WOWY, $1,000 or $10,000 as a transformation contest winner, or today $50,000 as a finalist, the REAL prize is the quality of life we are all achieving by supporting each other to stay true to this healthy lifestyle. THAT'S the real grand prize!

Congratulations to the finalists. And to everyone who stays consistently active and focused on eating well, thank you for inspiring all of us to succeed -- YOU are the real winners!

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Anonymous said...

Carl and Beachbody company,

How can I ever thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my live physically, emotionally, and financially!

Your vision for changing obesity in American WILL come true with your continued support and from all of us who are following in your footsteps to help fight this disease.

I am deeply honored to be representing not only my age group BUT as a healthy and fit woman in this fast paced, fast food society of today.

I've learned to take the time for myself to exercise and make healthier food choices because I AM IMPORTANT!
It is my goal to teach others the same!

Forever grateful to you,