Monday, April 14, 2008

A New Car!

Sometimes I forget that the coaching opportunity isn't just about helping people improve their health, it can also change lives in ways we never really envisioned.

Below is a note I got from Stephanie, one of our top coaches and a true Beachbody success story:

Carl, Thank you!

Seriously - I wanted to thank you for the best opportunity EVER. Let me go back a little bit: Sam & I have an old mini-van, very beat up (dented in back door, hanging reverse light, driver's side window doesn't work, panel in the passenger side door is gone and that's only the beginning).

Well we prayed last year that our poor ol' van would last one more year until our coaching business would take off, then this year we just didn't want to spend the money, we wanted to save it so we prayed for yet another year on the van. Well last week the "check engine" light came on & it's making weird noises (this van is 13 years old) so we got a little concerned.

I looked at Sam and said "let's go look at how much a new van costs then see if we can afford to just buy one."

We went this morning and walked away with a brand new 2008 mini-van. I was in tears - I've NEVER had a new car - NEVER! Thanks to this
opportunity - to Team BeachBody - I got a new car! Brand new baby! I just had to share that with you - I don't have to words to express how thankful I am for this opportunity to help others find health - find fun IN health - and to get paid for it. It's insane and I love it. There is no job better than being a Team BeachBody coach.

Thank you AGAIN - a million times over!

Stephanie (aka stufawen)

ps: we even got a few car salesmen interested in being coaches as well - rock on!!!

Helping people improve their lives, in exchange for them helping people succeed.. THAT'S a business!


Anonymous said...

That's what I want. Not a mini van but I want good health and the financial freedom to enjoy my health. I'm committed to achieving it and I'm committed to helping others achieve it as well. Thanks for sharing that Carl.

- Joey1459

Ryan said...

Carl - I love Beachbody products! I finally found something that gave results and was fun. I love telling other people about how I did it because I have total confidence in the product. I am still amazed that Tony would put together such an amazing series (P90X) and allow it to go public (not charge $1000s of dollars to privately train celebrities with it). Anyone who ever dreamed of being able to afford a personal trainer should not pass this up! On the other hand, I just about signed up to be a coach, but a friend warned me that it is just a pyramid scheme, ie. I sign up $ and try to get other people to sign up underneath me $$ and so on $$$...How do you respond to that? I would love to be able to promote Beachbody with all my friends, but would be hesitant to sign them up to have to do anything.

Carl Daikeler said...

A pyramid scheme is a scam that creates no value. The premise of a pyramid is getting people to "buy in", with the promise that if they just get a few more people to "buy in" they will make money. There is no VALUE exchanged except for money.

Being a coach gives you the right to represent and earn an income representing the products you believe in - whether you attract other coaches or not. As you transform your body, people around you ask "wow - what are you doing to look so ripped?" In the past, you would have said "go to and get P90X." If that friend of yours purchased, WE made all the money - even though YOU did all the work. Instead, when your hard work results in P90X gaining another customer, YOU make money! That's not a scheme, that's simple retailing... but instead of putting these powerful programs into Walmart, we are entrusting the message to our best advocates: Our customers.

What seperates us from all other network marketing opportunities is the power of critical mass: The more people sign up as coaches, the more powerful this community is. Imagine if EVERYONE at the grocery store was talking about how they are helping eachother stay accountable. "What workout did you do today?" That's what will happen as and the coach network grows.

The same company that created products that work has now created an opportunity that - for the first time - puts the power of transforming the obesity trend into an opportunity to earn an extra income. That's no scheme. That's a revolution that will change the way the world looks at fitness and weight loss.

I hope you help us make it happen!

Ryan said...

Thanks Carl! That makes perfect sense! My only regret now is that I didn't sign up to be a coach a year ago when I started P90X. I think I have helped 20+ people buy Beachbody products - and they have all loved it! Keep up the great work!!