Friday, April 25, 2008

Better Than A New Car!

Stephanie's experience buying a new car is the "Oooh La La" of being persistent with your home based business. But we all know that for some people, they are not going to approach it in a way where they earn a second income. Some aren't going to earn any income for that matter. Many coaches do it because being a coach helps them stay accountable to their own fitness goals, and it just feels good to help people.

One such coach, Alan Cottrell, started his own WOWY group filled with family, friends and neighbors. He has earned just $177 over the past year. But he's in it for the health benefits he gets and the good feeling of helping people.

My sister Robin makes a hundred dollars here and there as a coach, but is not into recruiting coaches. She has told me she does it just to be part of a healthy group of people, that it keeps her motivated.

I've also gotten to know a coach through MySpace named Angie Cyr. She wrote me the other day and described all the stuff going on her life, which any of us would find it hard to get through, much less also stay focused on fitness and coaching. She has her reasons, as she writes:

Carl -- People always ask me why I've got such a great attitude when so much “stuff” is going on in my life. (My mom and dad live with me and they are sick; Mom physically - a lot - and Dad mentally - getting worse by the minute; My youngest son has had some sort of ailment for the last 5 years that gets him violently ill throughout the year; 5 of those times ending up in the hospital and 2 of those hospital visits have been in the ICU.)

So how am I able to deal with all of this and still be a Beachbody coach while not going insane? Easy: Beachbody has given me the tools I need to keep the stress level down. If it were not for my Beachbody friends, exercise and healthy eating, being a Beachbody coach and helping others with their issues, I would be a basket case.

As a coach, helping others helps keep me from focusing just on my problems. I love being a coach because not only do I get to help others, but I help myself as well. The stress is still there in my life, but thanks to Beachbody I can handle the stress. (Oh, by the way, I also just started a health and fitness ministry at church!)

Angie Cyr

PS: BTW, I first became a coach in order to get a discount on the products I love. (I have EVERY DARN WORKOUT IN THE BEACHBODY STORE!) But I became an Emerald after my success story aired (I was a Sept. 2007 $1,000 winner in the monthly contest) and people started emailing me to tell me what an inspiration I was.

I realized I could really make a difference in someone's life and that excited me. I love getting those touching emails!

PSS: I also head up a message board called Get Ready For Summer Challenge. There are a couple of rules and one of them is they must contact their coach once a week!


judilynn(judy)The 300 Challenge said...

What an inspiring story of Angie! That is one of the great things about the Beachbody is filled with wonderful, amazing people and I truly feel blessed to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Carl, I am ttutt from the 300 challenge. This community is an awesome place to find friend like Angie who keep sus motivated to get up and workout daily!

Anonymous said...

Carl, this is ttutt romthe 300 challenge. I enjoy the coaches like Angie who keep us motivated to push play.

karen1984 said...

Hi Angie, this is karen1984 from the 300 Challenge group. I have been with this group a short time and they are a great bunch of people that I know you would not only fit in; but also be able to movtivate with your attitude. My hat off to you for taking care of your family and most of all yourself. Love yourself and everyone around you will too.